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    Was reading an online article on the new 2014 line up. It was a good write up with glowing reports on the changes. I was feeling pretty good about the MoCo until I started reading the comments. Unbelievable! I read probably 40 out of the 83 that were posted, didn't find one that was positive. It was the usual complaint, "ancient technology", "Harley finally got into the 1980s", one guy actually said he knew from a "friend" that ALL Harleys require a complete engine rebuild at 25k. Really? Another said he heard from a dealer that all Harleys will require an engine rebuild between 30K and 70K. Really? I have to wonder if these guys are really this stupid and, if not, what motivates their hatred toward all things Harley. I can honestly say I get more grief from the metric crowd about my Harley than I ever got from Harley guys when I rode metrics. I don't understand why so many feel a need to bash.
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    And a quote from C. S. Lewis:

    "No man who says I’m as good as you believes it. He would not say it if he did. The St. Bernard never says it to the toy dog, nor the scholar to the dunce, nor the employable to the bum, nor the pretty woman to the plain. The claim to equality, outside the strictly political field, is made only by those who feel themselves to be in some way inferior. What it expresses is precisely the itching, smarting, writhing awareness of an inferiority which the patient refuses to accept."
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    You know? I have read a higher percentage of bad press on the 2014s right here on this forum.

    I'm just sayin'

    Rich P
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    Have you ever had someone look at your bike and ask, "is that a yamakawhonsaki? NO. Hence the negative comments from people that don't own the "gold standard of motorcyling". I won't ever try and make someone believe HD's are the BEST at anything, except universal admiration.
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    I have to agree that some folks bash Harleys simply because they can't own one. I don't consider us an elite group, but we are a loyal group and we know what we want to ride. I really don't like generalized statements, but it seems that society today is not very accepting of folks with differing opinions. Some people just seem to enjoy bashing anything they don't know about or understand, and will repeat things they have read or heard without finding out if it is factual.
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    We each have our own opinion. In schools and universities they have debate teams. Too bad they don't have "compromise" teams as well...... When I run into someone who is negative toward Harley Davidson, I just treat them kindly. It's amazing how they can warm up to you, most of the time. We even met a couple who rode a Yamaha and Honda. After they got to know us, they both traded for Harleys. There are always going to be those who hate. Just don't let them get to you. After all, you ARE on the greatest machine with the greatest history.
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    In the 6 years I've been with a coast riding club of 64 members, we have never sent a trailer out to pick up a broke Harley. Every other model has had to be rescued. That's just a fact I remind a member when he / she starts.
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    Joe since your club has different type of motorcycles have you found that the Harley riders seen to be a little more knowledgeable about their bikes? Seems the riders around here that ride other makes don't really know much about their rides, while most Harley riders I know do a lot of their own work.