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Discussion in 'Communications And Radio' started by kstrohs57, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. kstrohs57

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    Just purchased the Harley gamin 665 gps on E-BAY for great price(saved $375 compared to H.D. dealer price). Just a quick question - what is the best mount & easiest for my 2004 Ultra Classic ? There is no mount with the unit as purchased .
  2. Jeff Klarich

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    I don't know what mount is used but most all I've seen are mounted on the handle bars.
  3. DFHarley19

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    I do have Zumo 665 and Handlebar Mount Kit - Chrome (Product ID: 76000191). It looks nice but cost too much. I have no choice! :bigsmiley15:

    76000191, Road Techâ„¢ zmo 660 and 665 Handlebar Mount Kit - Chrome
  4. 03HD883R

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    That looks like a nice mount.
  5. Breeze3at

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    I've had about 5 cheap handlebar mounts that were ok but just not the right thing for me. I went to GPScity.com and got a Ubolt 1" ball base, 3" double ball arm, diamond mount plate, and a nuvi cradle. All total about $40. What I like is it is almost infinitely adjustable for position. The one I like best (and looks worst) is straight up right off my left switch housing. This puts the unit where I can still see the road with my peripheral vision when looking at the GPS.
    Ram also makes a "Claw" mount that is quick off/on if that interests you.
    I also have a Glare Stomper visor that helps see the screen.
    Nuvi Cradle products available for sale at GPS City
  6. kstrohs57

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    Thanks fellers with that much money in this HD 665 gps might as well get a good mount - thanks again .
  7. Jennmarr

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    Garmin sells a motorcycle dock for that unit. Cost is around $70.00 an it includes the wiring harness you need to integrate the GPS into your radio. To get the full benefit of the spoken instructions you will need to purchase a HD Navigation Interface Module or NIM. The addition of the NIM makes the installation almost painless and allows the spoken GPS instructions to override whatever media you are listening to. Harley also sells a dock that mounts to the inner fairing, but it interferes with the installation of the three pocket windshield bag. Sorry I don't have any part numbers handy.
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