Harley does burnout in Detroit for 600 bikers

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    I admit I'm not much of a motorcycle enthusiast but after meeting a great group of Harley drivers, over 600 gathered to see a Harley burnout, I see why the biker community is a strong and fun one here in Metro Detroit.

    I shot a video of an amazing (to me at least and it was my first one) burnout done on a Harley in a parking lot with over 600 other bikers watching and cheering at a bar in Metro Detroit near an ABC Harley Davidson dealership.

    Nick Lee of Wisconsin made his 1st visit to Metro Detroit last Thursday.
    Lee started the World Burnout Tour to travel the USA doing burnouts on his Harley. He wants to keep alive a tradition he sees is dying. With intense heat from the burnout, he can take a new tire burn it straight for 7 minutes in front of large crowds creating lots of smoke and smiles.

    Burnout might be a common thing to many on here but seeing it for the first time it was fun for me and wanted to share this video with you. Also met Ron Finch a custom motorcycle artist and painter, known all around the country and I'm planning on doing a video story on him for my newspaper and the Detroit Free Press.

    Might just have to start looking into a Harley for myself, seems like it's freedom and fun to ride. Perhaps a Sportster is more my style. Hope you can check out the video and enjoy it even though it might be just a basic burnout to some.

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    Eric Seals
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    Welcome to the forum. What a waste of a good tire, imo, but fun to watch.
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    To each his own, but I'd rather cruise for thousands of miles than waste a tire like that. The skill is appreciated but its just not my thing.
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    tx for the post eric & welcome to the forum........
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    thanks for sharing the vid and welcome to HDtalking. If your thinking of buying its a great time to be a buyer.
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    I would love to do this...... just once. But, I can't afford to wast a tire like that.
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    Not for me or my bike, looks to be hard on more than just tires, but it is cool to watch. :D
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    Have to agree with biglew.Ive witnessed too many bike stunts gone bad.Doing that with a crowd of that size becomes the law of averages.You may be lucky 100 times,but that next one could wind up very badly.
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    Welcome to the forum :)

    Even if you say you're not a motorcycle enthusiast now, I'm sure that if you spend some time here you'll start to appreciate all the knowledge, attitude, maturity and people contributing here.

    It's small things that can start a passion, does not matter if it's a gathering, a bike festival, exhibition, TV show or in this case a burnout demo.

    Whatever helps you develop can only be a good thing.

    Enjoy life and take care,
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    thanks for posting. very cool!