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  1. JohnJ

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    I was browsing through some Harley history recently and to my amazement I discovered that the company actually brought out a motor scooter called "The Topper" in 1960!
    The article didn't mention which day of 1960 it was unveiled, but I'm tempted to think that it might have been April 1.
    Has anybody here seen/owned/ridden such a beast?
  2. gs34

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    Yes, and it was a (edit). Sort of like the HD"Sprint".
    Making small displacement scooters/bikes has never been one of Harley's strong suits.
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    In 1960 The "Topper," a fiberglass motorscooter, was introduced by Harley.
    Also in 1960 Harley-Davidson teamed up with Italian manufacturer Aeronautica Macchi S.p.A. to produce a line of smaller bikes including the Shortster and Sprint models. They had a number of dirt bikes, including a 250. Harley has made a lot of things that may surprise you, like class A Motor homes and "bombs," you know, the real kind.:)