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  1. bikerdad

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    I am traveling to Milwaukee next week for business and have set aside a day to visit the Harley Davidson museum. From those who have been there, please share your thoughts, good, bad, full day, half day, etc.

  2. Jack Klarich

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    Smitty has some stories about the Museum. I have toured the rolling Museum years ago cant imagine what the real deal is:D
  3. Randall K. Wilson

    Randall K. Wilson Junior Member

    It is on my list to go this summer as well. I have not been but a good friend (non-cycle owner), that went really enjoyed it. This party said the museum is "Smithsonian" quality.

    From what I read every thursday afternoon/evening folks on their Harley's converge and congregate at the museum. Hence thursday is the day I want to go...it is alway fun looking at other peoples machines...past and present models. :s
  4. harleypr

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    I'm heading back to Milwaukie at the end of August to help my son begin his last year of law school at Marquette which is in Milwaukie. I plan to go up through the northern states and meet him there. It should be a great bike trip. I can't imagine spending less than a full day at the museum. Will recap my visit when I return.
  5. Nuke99

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    There are numerous activities and behind the scenes tours that are given on various days. So no two days are the same. If you like motorcycles (and don't we all) and museums, this is an all day event with lunch, reading and exploring your favorite sections, including the attached warehouse/workshop. Go to the HD website museum section to see events and news to plan your trip. I had a great time. While in Milwaukee, don't miss the Miller Brewing Company tour. Great tour and the free samples will make your day. HD also has a Sportster engine factory that is about a 2 hour tour. Good luck.
  6. larryjmiller

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    I'm headed back to Chicago mid August and I can't wait to hit Milwaukee. German food and gallons of beer, here I come. Oh yeah, the musuem...hope the wife likes it as much as I will (she's not an HD fan hahahaha)
  7. Crazyfrog

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    I really enjoyed my trip there. We spent about 5 hours there, which was reading about half of whats there, but seeing all the bikes. Make sure your batteries are fresh in the camera!
  8. rhino

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    If anyone goes this summer try to make it for summerfest. I think they have tom petty, zz top, santana, steve winwood, and eric clapton this year. Its a good party. bring a fat wallet though.
  9. Scrappy

    Scrappy Active Member

    ditto on the camera comment. and yeah summerfest does start Thursday next week. i took the following week off work. the wallet and body will be screaming. museum may even have a deal for both admissions for one price if im not mistaken. Summerfest - The World's Largest Music Festival
    if you like music and drunken crowds this is the place, always a good time. great food, music, and such.
  10. bonsi57

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    Take the elevator to the third floor and peak at the bikes (150 or more) in the racked storage area. The third floor is missed by most visitors. You can see what they are restoring and the engine/tranny storage room. You can't get in but just looking will make you drool!