harley davidson made in india

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  1. yep --- hd has officially stated they gonna build milwalkee's finest in --India. just kinda makes me open my eyes at corporate harley--even more,, and not in a good way either..................... you can read the report at clutch & chrome. but what the hey-u buy crome-- i dont but many do-- buy chrome from the hd dealer and it says-- genuinely made in taiwan............ harley really oughta knock off some o the nonsense in thier advertizin...
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    Harley-Davidson to open assembly plant in India - The York Daily Record


    Harley-Davidson plans to open a plant not on U.S. soil but in the burgeoning motorcycle market of India, the company said Tuesday.
    An operation in the Indian state of Haryana that will assemble Harley motorcycles from component kits supplied by U.S. manufacturers will kick-start in the first half of 2011. It's the second Harley assembly plant to open outside the U.S.; the first opened in Brazil in 1999.

    The new plant is "a natural next step for Harley-Davidson as we build our brand presence around the world," Matthew S. Levatich, president and chief operating officer, said in a release.

    Initially, the Indian operation will mean little to Harley's operations in Springettsbury Township, spokesman Bob Klein said. Only Sportster motorcycles will be assembled there. The local factory, which produces mostly Softail and Touring models, will still ship its product to India fully assembled.

    However, "as we gain more traction, it could lead to more opportunity" for the York County facility, Klein said. That means, if all goes well, the York County plant, in addition to building fully assembled bikes, could also build kits for assembly in India, Klein said.

    In the short term, the move will reduce tariffs on motorcycles, Levatich said, which the company hopes will help draw stronger sales in India, where the company opened four dealerships in 2010.

    "India's rapidly growing economy, rising middle class and significant investment in construction of new roads and highways are paving the way for leisure motorcycle riding," Levatich said.
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    I say Baloney, they will outsource just like others to turn more of a profit it is called Corporate Greed IMO
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    I'm sure their ulterior motive is to eventually export the indian-made HDs back to USA. They'll start the plant and claim all bikes made there will be sold their, and that region. Then they'll complain they can't build them here and make a profit, and then start bringing them in. Hate to say it, but the day that happens I'll get a Victory. Not sure how I'll get these Bar & Sheild tattoos removed though.

    Note: It's really hard to comment on this without swearing.

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    and they say there are no jobs - there are lots of jobs - the corps just keep sending them to other countries - I guess when no one in north america can afford to buy the toys , they will bring the jobs back , WHEN they start to import the bikes they need a 500 % duty , by then they may have to send corp head office over seas & let the suits grovel in the slums.
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    Harley opening new assembly plant in

    Nov 2, 2010 Bloomberg News
    Harley-Davidson Inc. will open an assembly plant in India next year, its second outside of the U.S., as economic growth stokes demand for luxury motorcycles.

    The plant in the northern state of Haryana will make models including Sportsters using kits imported from the U.S., Harley, the largest U.S. motorcycle maker, said in a statement today. It didn’t say how much the new facility would cost.

    Harley began India sales earlier this year, gaining an edge on Bayerische Motoren Werke AG’s Motorrad unit, which is set to enter the market by December. Nationwide motorcycle sales will grow as much as 12 percent annually over the next three years, Ravi Sud, chief financial officer of Hero Honda Motors Ltd., the largest domestic motorcycle maker, said on Aug. 23.

    “India’s rapidly growing economy, rising middle class and significant investment in construction of new roads and highways are paving the way for leisure motorcycle riding,” Chief Operating Officer Matthew S. Levatich said in the statement.

    The Milwaukee-based company opened an assembly plant in Brazil in 1999, according to the statement.
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    Re: Harley opening new assembly plant in

    Hopefully they are only asembling them for overseas sales
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    Polaris (Victory), I do believe have moved all of thier assembly to Mexico.
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    OK. So they sold off Augusta, Ceased making Buell's, almost left Milwaukee, allot of parts made in Taiwan and China. What is this great American made company trying to tell us????? Now this.
    Might revisit these other threads.

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    Wonder when Harley is going to have to start putting some type of notice on the bikes like new cars in regard to the percentage of manufactured parts and from what country and final assembly????
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    Re: Harley opening new assembly plant in

    It hurts to the quick to read this when our country is headed in the exact opposite direction. Yep corporate America, keep sending our jobs offshore. Our children will appreciate it!:mgun