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  1. dauber

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    Recently went to HD dealer to purchase a new 2011 Electra Glide Ultra Limited. Salesperson told me they had a good deal on financing, 5.9%. Thought that was pretty good, so I applied. Finance guy says my credit is'nt good enough for that rate and "they", Harley Finance" says it will be 10%. I was totally surprised as I know I have good credit. It was upsetting. He said my score was 670. I went home and checked online for my scores as i was worried something had happened. All three scores were between 750 to 830. Is this a common scam to make you pay higher interest rates? Anyone had same experience? They just lost a customer for good. Found out through research that this is a common technique at car dealerships,just didn't expect it at a Harley Dealer.
  2. lakeforktx

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    Thats why I get the best price, then use my local bank,less interest and shorter terms.....:D
  3. Iceman24

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    Wouldn't recommend HD financing - not good at all. I had same deal last fall w/my 09 FLHX. Just for fun, had dealer send in HD app, but already secured loan through my bank for 4.9%. Needless to say they also said I didn't qualify for lowest rate & offered 12% - my credit score is stellar and I politely refused. Best to finance elsewhere.
  4. texas tom

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    I allways go to my bank first,then you can tell em no thanks allready have approval from my bank at whatever % ,be surprised how often they beat it. BTW just curious you have a 2010 and you want to trade it in allready?
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    The truth is that far too many people/companies/etc have lost the ability to have honor and dignity. Too many whose 'word' means nothing. Too many out to scam/mislead/lie, cheat, steal etc. These people thrive and it's time we return to honor and to hold people who don't, in contempt. Ok..I'm old..perhaps old-fashioned and, whether or not I'm in the majority or minority, I'm right, they're wrong. My dealings with people are, and always have been with honor. My 'word' is gold..a handshake is a bond. I've, certainly, made mistakes in my life and, have always tried to correct those mistakes. There have always been scam 'artists'..it's just that they were shunned when found out. Not so much today. Criminals can write and sell books, politicians can lie/cheat/steal with no consequence. 'Celebrities ' can be scum and too many of us just say 'oh well'.
    Not for me. I have and will always hold the these type people in contempt. I have no use for people void of honor. I need not agree with them but they must have honor and dignity. I'm really sorry to hear that Harley does the bait and switch.
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  6. bigcletus

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    I've recently read that HD earrings were better than expected, due to their financing division. I guess we know why!! It used to be called bait and switch...
  7. Cyclops

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    Well stated Alto. You're spot on!
  8. sprinklerfitter669

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    I went to my credit union 3.9 % first, then to the dealer,
    they were more than happy to offer eaglemark saying it is a good company with good not great rates...then i told them what i already got
  9. Redfish-Joe

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    When I bought my 08 I was told they would let me have 9% interest. I asked if they would match my credit union @ 4.5% and they did.
  10. sprinklerfitter669

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    I asked the same thing Joe, and they said NO, but they offered to send me to a local credit union, that 1% higher....I asked why would i go to another CU for a higher amount....all i heard was crickets...:p