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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by rodsev, Oct 30, 2011.

  1. rodsev

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    Good evening

    i have a 07 street glide 96 ci, 25,000 miles. i changed the battery because it stranded me and tested bad, i purchased a good battery not a cheap knock off, everytime i start the bike it acts like the battery is weak and turns over slow. the guage shows its charging but between 14-16 volts which seems high compared to before. Has anybody had anything simular to this happen.,i'm a little nervous to get stranded somewhere. If anybody can shed some light

  2. gs34

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    Are you sure the new battery had a full charge when you installed it? I would give it a full charge, clean all your connections well and re install.
    The indication that it is charging at a higher rate than normal makes that a possibility.
  3. TQuentin1

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    Before spending a lot of time and money on more detailed potential solutions, take the battery to an auto parts store and have it load tested to make sure it is still good. Then depending on what you find from that, either reinstall the battery or the new one but clean both sides of both ends of the battery cables.

    See if that does it.

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    I've always wondered if the starter on the 07's and 08's were going to start being affected by the heat of that leaned out 96" motor and the routing of those pipes. Maybe that is your problem. If your bike was anything like my 07' Ultra was, it's a regular blast furnace back there behind the motor. Mine didn't have the miles you have on yours but it was starting to struggle turning that motor over. Could be why they designed ACRs on the 103's. Too much motor for the starter when they went from the 88 to the 96.
  5. gs34

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    Not buying that at all. 73000 on my 07FLHTC and it starts just as fast as it did when new.
    That said, a new 12volt battery should have 13.5 volts @ full charge....Make sure it is fully charged.....load test it as TQ suggested, and if all is well, re-install and retry.
  6. Jack Klarich

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    12,75 volts is fully charged, 13.5 volts running with all lights on at idle well that may be OK tho I would like to see it higher:D
  7. dbmg

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    If battery checks out ok then need to check for a draw.
  8. gs34

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    Jack is 100% correct. I should have specified running or not.
    Here's a chart that you may find useful.

    The open circuit voltage, is measured when the engine is off and no loads are connected. It can be approximately related to the charge of the battery by:

    Open circuit voltage Approximate
    charge Relative
    acid density
    12 V 6 V
    12.65 V 6.32 V 100% 1.265 g/cm3
    12.45 V 6.22 V 75% 1.225 g/cm3
    12.24 V 6.12 V 50% 1.190 g/cm3
    12.06 V 6.03 V 25% 1.155 g/cm3
    11.89 V 6.00 V 0% 1.120 g/cm3
  9. harley@16

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    Have it load tested, it is possible for a new battery to be bad, not very common but can happen. It could read fully charged but not carry the load when current is flowing.