Handlebar Reservoir Cover Set

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    Handlebar Reservoir Cover Set part # 46099-98

    According to the specs, this chrome cover kit does not work with an Auxiliary Lighting Kit which comes stock on the Road King Classic as best I can tell. I assume they are talking about the left and right flood lights around my main/center head lamp but what about these lights is not compatible with this kit? The lights are always on and the only way to turn them off is via a switch located forward and just below the gas tank. I believe this switch is usually referred to as the auxiliary switch. As best I can tell, there is nothing abnormal about my handle bar switches. There is the normal cluster of buttons as well as cruise control and there is 1 bundle of wires that run to each handle bar button housing. Why would they include this warning and what about the warning applies to me? Any guesses?

    I bought the chrome buttons and the appropriate chrome button housings for my model so I thought I would finish the job with chrome clamps, master cylinder and such. There is only this option for my bike as best I can tell.

    2003 Road King Classic with the stock 3 head lamp configuration controlled via the auxiliary switch on the frame and no other oddities on the handle bars. Any reason this kit wouldn't work?