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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Dferr, Nov 27, 2010.

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    Does anyone know what size handlebars are on a Heritage Softail? I have a 1998, I'm pretty sure the bars are stock. I'm not sure how to measure them though. My problem is, I just installed a Memphis Shades batwing faring for the colder weather, but the faring doesn't come up high enough to really protect your hands, so I thought maybe I could lower the bars an inch or two. I also had to add a plastic shield in between the mounting brackets to block the air that comes in through and beneath the light. The shield looks great! But I'm not real happy with the functionality.

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    From the HD accessory catalog that has an excellent comparison chart,the stock '86- later FLSTC bars #56623-99 are 31.25 tip to tip, 11.50 base width, 8.50 rise, 5.00 pullback and 3.14 knurl center to center. I'd suggest stopping by a dealer and getting a free (?) catalog from a dealer, or looking on the HD website for comparisons. You can also get dimensions from web sites such as J&P, Dennis Kirk, etc. Just a small change in bar dimensions can make a significant comfort change, negative or positive. Lower is not a common change for a FLSTC. I know the frustration of having a new modification not perform as you expected.
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    I jusr swapped out my stock Heritage bars for 17" apes. it made a world of difference. before my hands would go numb after a short time riding. Now with the new bars that moved my hands up and out further my hands have not gone numb even on long rides.
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    off topic..

    Dferr, I'm looking to get a fairing for my Heritage, if there's no trouble, could you please post some pics of the front , I'd like to see how it look if you don't mind. Thanks.