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    I was thinking on switching my Streetslammer bars out to mini apes on my fat boy for more comfort.
    I was thinking on doing this myself, and looking for any advice or recommendations from past experiences, like wiring issues or tips.
    My concern is removing the tank any bleeding the breaks if i have to change out the cables.
    Also, about how long will it take?
    Or is this someting best left to the dealer in your opinion.
    Thanks in advance
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    If you can use all of the standard wire and cables it is VERY simple to do. However I think you are going to have to get longer wires and cable. Which it is still and easy task to do. When we changed my standard bars on my dyna to 15" apes it took about 4 hours. That was running all of the wires through that bars, putting new bars on, new cable, levers, switch cover ect. You may get luck and not have to take the tank all of the way off when you put you new cables on. Try to run a string down and use it to pull your new cable with it. It is not to bad of a job, just takes a little time. Bleeding the brakes will not be that big of an issue either. Make sure you get all of the air out of the lines though. The link Troy1225 should get you there.
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    I changed my bars out recently and only needed to change the clutch cable (which means I can't help you on the brake bleeding part, but it look like the guys above have you convered on the info). I found the task pretty easy.

    It took me an evening to complete and I went about it very dilligently and slowly.

    Just make sure you have all the right tools (Torx, Alan wrenches, torque wrench + add-ons) before you start.

    Good luck and post a pic of your finished work!