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    Went to Sears today to get the old #27 torx bit and surprise,,,we don't carry it the clerk says,,but I can get it online. It's not what it used to be like getting tools there. Sears used to have a advertising song years ago that went something like " Sears has Everything"...then one day someone went in there to buy something and they didn't have it. Sears got sued for false advertising and of course they dropped that phrase.
    My question finally to you guys is where do you get most of your hand tools.....Auto Zone, Snap-On, Sears, Home Depot, Lowes,,,,,,etc....????
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    weird the sears has it here .. but harbor freight has them .. while not up to snap on quality it will work fine for the little use it will see .. most torx bits wear very fast under use i use T-10/15/20 everyday i get about 2 months to them no matter who made them so now i buy the cheepies
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    Got mine at ACE Hardware
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    If you have time to kill try the local Pawn Shops. Sometimes you can find a good deal on somethings if you scratch around enough. Don't forget to dicker on the price:s

  5. STEVE07

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    Canadian Tire. Inexpensive with a lifetime warranty that they stand behind:D

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    Before we get a lot of heat for not buying tools "Made in USA" let me just say 90% of the available tools are made off shore - EVEN from Snap-On, MAC and other vendors. That said, I still have old tools "Made in USA" kicking around, but the new tool disposable ends like the Torx, Hex, Phil & Slot bits, usually opt for good quality "cheapies", I prefer made in Japan or Taiwan as opposed to China (unless in a pinch); local hardware store (Ace), Big Lots, Lowes usually has closeouts from fairly high grade OEMS like Crescent, Stanley, Rigid, Hitachi, Kawasaki and others. Also, I go to garage sales and flea markets for older style quality hand tools that just seem to work better than new ones. :s

    Example: Pipe wrenches: (RichardS will love this) old style from the 50's & 60's or earlier, had jaws that could open very wide, made out of forged steel (not nodular cast iron/mild steel) with short handle/swing radius...ever work on plumbing with newer pipe & "crescent" wrench styles where you needed the big end, but not enough room to swing it under the sink in a kitchen cabinet? Now thats what I am talking about. :D
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    If I am not mistaken there is a Store on this forum that sell tools amongst other goodies a biker needs.
    Why not show your support by buying from them, I've noticed the prices are on par with other outlets.
  8. Apyle

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    I got all my tools at work during our tool sale. I got probable $4,000 worth of tool for $2,200 dollars!
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    Most everything I have in the "general" tools catagory is Craftsman. I am lucky enough to have a SEARS Hardware handy, so they have stuff that the SEARS store no longer carries. I have taken Craftsman stuff (mostly ratchets) that I bought in High School back when they break, and SEARS Hardware replaces them with like products if the piece is no longer available. Only stuff I have had to buy elsewhere are specialty tools.

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    The only things I don't like from craftsmen, are the ratchets and wrenches. Ratchets or junk and never last (Granted you can get a free replacement) and the wrenches are big and bulky, and still break easily. Everything else, Sockets,screwdrivers,tape measures all seem to be top of the line.

    Me personally would rather have S&K