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    Ok, I new to this, but I have a 1998 Road King and the throttle has stopped working. This means that the throttle just rolls forwards and backwards in the handlebar and catches nothing. I'm not sure if the linkage is broke, the cable has come undone, or I am unsure of anything else. If anyone out there has any information on this I would really appreciate it.
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    Make sure the cable is connected at the carburetor, to check the handlebar end you'll have to take apart the switch housing. I've never had a cable just disconnect, I think it's probably broken. If so , remove it to get an accurate measurement to order the correct length replacement.If it is just disconnected I would say you had way to much freeplay and need to adjust that properly, There's an adjustment on the cable, extend it to remove cable slack.
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    Welcome to the forum! There are two cables, a push and a pull.

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    As strange as it may sound the cable or cables can break inside the conduit do to the lack of lubricate. Be sure to change cables in a pair.....
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