Had to flat bed the bike today!

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by whacko, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. whacko

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    Had to call the flat bed today! Came out from work and the back tire was flat! I always look over my bike after parking it from my ride in and everything was fine.....go out a quitting time and its flat! I just had the new rubber put on less than a week ago! Anyway I had to shell out 275 bucks for the tow truck to to get the bike 70 miles to the indy shop I had do the work. I got it to the shop just at closing time so they only had a minute to look at it.....pumped it up and no fast leaks so they admit it could have been a pinched tube. manager says they will tear it down in the morning and let me know......says if it was a bad install they will "credit" me the tow fee. I am ok with that vs getting an actual refund because they were good on the price for service and if they treat me well on this I will go back. Also if it punctured from something I hit they will charge for the tube and comp the labor to repair. My question is how much should I trust a replaced tube? I saw the tire after they filled it and there was no fast leak so the puncture....if any....would be small. WHat would you guys do?
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    Any puncture can reduce the strength of the tire. Depending on where the puncture is it can be repaired from the inside with a vulcunized patch, but the tire is still not as strong in that area. Do you know if they replaced the rimstrip when they but the new tire on? When they replace the tube make sure they run their hand on the inside of the tire to make sure there isn't something sharp in there. This may have just been a bad valve in the tube.
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    The manager went over the process with me and said that they had to make sure there was no object still on the inside of the tire before putting in a new tube. I'll ask them about the patch on the inside. Thanks for the advice.
  4. kzoo

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    $275? Gheesh, now I know why I signed up for AARP (yeah, I AM that old) road service. Free tow up to 100 miles!
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    If the tube was pinched by the tyre during the install it may have taken a wee bit of time and movement to rub a small hole in the tube i could also be a poor valve core that has a slow leak the best way to tell is to remove wheel inflate and immerse in water to see where the air is coming out

  6. whacko

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    It was a bad valve stem according to the shop. Picking it up today.....no charge.
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    Glad all is well. Gives some piece of mind that it wasn't tube or tire. Ride on!!
  8. rydahog

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    Try Road America, towing service.i used this 3 occasions over 5 yr period. flat, engine probs..$19.95 .yr. to nearest dealer. thats it.......one trip like yours more then pays for it self...IMHO!:))
  9. Hoople

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    Maybe Free 100 mile tow with a cage but check to see if it means a Bike on a flat bed. With AAA,,, bike coverage is a special RV policy ABOVE a regular "PLUS" membership.

    You may want to ask before the day actually comes. Maybe with a cage but I would be very surprised if it really was totally Free with a bike.

    If did DOES include a Bike for 100 miles,,, Where do I sign up.:) because that is an awesome deal.
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    Awesome deal whacko - glad it was a easy/quick fix & you're back in the saddle for 4th of July weekend riding!