H.O.G. membership?

Discussion in 'General OFF TOPIC' started by tlg1100, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. tlg1100

    tlg1100 Member

    What good is it, mine is about to expire and how much to renew.I know I could call some one but would rather ask here.:bigsmiley4:
  2. glider

    glider Veteran Member

    It gives you discounts on certain things and a place to go for meetings and rides if you are so inclined.
    I never extended the membership that the dealer gives you when you buy a new bike but some others have a use for the HOG membership.
  3. R_W_B

    R_W_B Senior Member

    If you have tow service on your insurance and you don't attend the group rides, it ain't worth much else. They do offer some discounts on certain motels and resturants but I've found that to be a joke sometimes.

    I can go online and book a room for the same price either way. If I book a room with a discount they just jack up the initial price and then deduct the discount.
  4. Bodeen

    Bodeen Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator Contributor

    I guess since your asking the questions your asking, you don't/haven't used it for anything so, I say save your money for gas.
    If towing interests you can get that with any good insurance.
  5. bcortani

    bcortani Active Member

    I only signed up for HOG as the membership cost was less than the insurance deduction for being a member of it. So, other than that, no real need, but the savings was worth it.
  6. kemo

    kemo R.I.P

    My buddy belongs to HOG so that he can collect the rally pins. He puts them and anything else that he gets from HOG on eBay.
  7. glgarrett

    glgarrett Active Member

    I had not joined HOG since I bought a previously owned bike but picked up the magazine in a waiting room lately and there was an article about touring south Louisiana on a Harley which I enjoyed since I live here... Joined just for the magazine but found out I can get discount on insurance and on ATT Wireless, which is the one I use for my cell phone so it may be a good deal... We'll see..... :)
  8. Fossil

    Fossil Active Member

    When HOG first began in 1983 I joined it. All they did was use the money to finance their race team and still do. However they changed a great deal. The state rallies are a lot of fun to go to. If you are a serious rider then you can be kept busy a good part of the year with just those events. In Destin, FL Oct 20th will be the Florida State rally. Destin is a party city with water on both sides of it and a boardwalk of bars and live bands. If you read the HOG site and read the HOG magazine you will find a lot of events and discounts. It isn't for every one but then any thing that is will be a bore.
  9. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    I have been a life member for 20 years, tho they no longer offer it, I have used the towing several times, and some dealers give a Hog discount:s
  10. tlg1100

    tlg1100 Member

    I tried using it for discount for motels and several other things and like someone posted either it did no good and/or could have got discount by other way.Have tow insurance ,maybe I like it for the magazines always thought I would renew but I don't know anyone who has extended past what they give with new/used bike from dealer and I started to 2nd guess myself thanks all:newsmile042: