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  1. wjsjr

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    Howdy fellow H-D enthusiasts !

    Without going into details, a group of 17 bikes met to go on a ride this past Saturday. ( Great weather for a ride ! )
    At the first red-light, several of the tail end bikes were cut off from the group, and because lights were timed, were never able to catch up to the group until we hit our destination.

    We've been kicking around ideas of how to countermeasure another separation, and are talking about getting communication device that the ride captain and a "tail-gunner" could communicate such issues.

    Not wanting to establish one rider as a tail-gunner ( fixed helmet comms ) I'm wondering if anyone can recommend head-set communications devices that could be shared? It would need to fit in various helmets ( no helmet ), and probably be battery powered, or capable of being powered by an H-D aux. plug.

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for the help!
  2. gusotto

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    Best and easiest would be the lead and sweep have CB's and use them.
    When the lead sees they are no longer in a group, just slow down and let them catch you.
    Sweep bike should have spots and turn them on. Others in between should not have their spots on.
    Then the lead rider can see where the tail end bike is at.

    It isn't a race, slow down and let the others catch up.
    17 riders, not a big group!
  3. r_k_dragon

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    We usually split into groups of about 8-10 and as gusotto said, the lead can pull over and/or slow down to re-group.
  4. hillbilly81

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    Before you take off tell everyone to keep it tight so no cars pull in between...I have ridden with over a 100 bikes more than a few times and we just keep on following and keeping up
  5. ciscokid

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    yup in the group i ride with it can be 4 or 24 of us and if we get slit up the lead pulls over slowing down so the rest can catch up .
  6. jimharvey1

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    GRMS radios. Pick up a cheap pair at Wally World and use a single ear bud. Good range.