Great ride turned surreal

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    We had a great ride yesterday, through some mountains I hadn't been to before. Heber Utah to Evanston Wyo through 105, the Mirror Lake hwy, then to Woodruff Utah, over Monte Cristo, to Hunstville, over Trappers Loop, to Mt Green, up to Coleville Utah, over through Park City Utah, and home. Beautiful ride, great weather, and one big damper.

    We were coming up over the Monte Cristo summit and I was leading, going just over the speed limit. I felt like a grandpa (wait a minute, I am) because we had been passed by several groups of riders, most going way over the speed limit. About 10 miles later we come up to some sharper corners and then some bikes and cars stopped. I see a single tire skid off the side of the canyon and a helmet next to it. There were more than enough people there so I didn't really want to stop. A few miles later a couple of sherrifs, HPs, and ambulances pass us going up.

    I've looked online to try and find out the results, but it sure brought us all to the quick realization of how quick a good ride can go wrong. It was a sobering experience to say the least. The rest of the trip was still a good ride, but there was always that memory fresh on our minds.
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    had the same thing happen last year with a bunch of kids on rockets. ten miles up the road 2 are in the ditch in bad shape. makes ya ride a little safer, and im a safe and straight rider anyway. this was 10 miles from home so everyone had that on their mind the rest of the day.
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    Those are some great rodes for riding here in Utah. I've done those a few times myself. I've heard of a lot of stories about riders, especially sport bikers, that miss the corners over Monte Cristo. It's a great ride, I just slow down so I can enjoy the ride and the sites. I hope the rider is ok.