Gray goop on magnetic plug

Discussion in 'Transmission' started by Mavagrand, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Mavagrand

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    Changed the fluids in my 08 EGC over the weekend. I noticed the plugs for my primary and tranny had a gray "goop" on them. Not shavings but more like a clay kinda thing. I'm running M1 75w90 gear oil in the tranny and Formula+ in the primary. These fluids only had 3k on them as they were filled in August just prior to my vacation. Now, during the vacation the scoot got awful hot, which is why I'm changing the fluids at 3k. I am having no problems with my bike, nothing sounds different. i did adjust the clutch prior to vacation in August and although it never slipped, it never really felt "right" to me either so I readjusted it over the weekend. Would the overheated fluid cause this "goop"? Would an improperly adjusted clutch (even though not slipping) cause it in both the tranny and primary? thanx.
    This is the first time I found this "goop". I change my crankcase every 5k and the primary/tranny every other primary change.
  2. Jack Klarich

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    The magnets are picking up trace amounts of wear from bearings and shafts in the tranny, and I suspect a bit of wear from the primary chain and clutch plates, How many over all miles on this scooter and have you been running any other type of fluid prior?
  3. Mavagrand

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    Always ran the same fluids. 24k on the bike. Why would this suddenly show up.
  4. Jack Klarich

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    Wear and tear is my guess, the particles on the magnets is the proof, tho I would not be too worried yet, as long as there is no noise( no more than usual) and the bike shifts good I would ride and change the fluids one more time say in 1k to see if the metal is there again, :s
  5. trvlr

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    I get that gray goop on the mag drain plug on my primary, and primary only. The crank and transmission drain plugs are always clean as a whistle. But the primary always has some goop on it. When I was installing the SE comp, I opened it up about 100mi after having just filled with new primary oil to check something out on the comp sprocket, and even after 100mi there was goop on the plug. I'm guessing that its normal.

    EDIT - and this is using the Spectro oil in all 3 holes.
  6. SirDimsdale

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    Same oil for quite a while with no problems and suddenly goop tells me it's wear because the oil broke-down when the "scoot got awful hot"
  7. karlsbike

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    I agree with that; I would not be to worried, though. When you were riding with the broken down oil, the chain/sprockets wore a bit more than ususal. It does not sound like you were riding very much after the overheating happened?

    Should be plenty left to wear - just ask all of us with old bikes;)

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    HERE I GO AGAIN::::::::

    I Use REDLINE Shockproof in the trannys..


    I Never Ever that is NEVER EVER Have ANY Metal or fuzz or crud on the magnet of the Trannys.(.) .. .. ON ALL my owned Big Bikes....

    You guys can mention Other tranny Lubes all day BUT I've had the best luck with REDLINE...

    It IS designed to KEEP metal to metal wear from HAPPENING.(.)

    thanks for listening. :guitar

  9. karlsbike

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    Heh, heh - Bubbie we hear ya!
    Now that I've located a source for RedLine over here, I'll try out the stuff...
  10. doctordoug

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    I understand what everyone is saying but I wonder if we are really talking about metal particles. If your engine overheats it doesn't follow that both the primary and the tranny also overheat. Have you had more short trips than normal? This could cause the goop. Have you been leaving your bike out more at night? This could cause more condensation in the engine, tranny and primary and it is only being burned off from the engine because it has gotten up to the proper temps. When I have sludge on the plugs I clean the "stuff" off and put it in a small can with laquer thinner to dissolve it and then see what a magnet picks up. Just because it is on the plug doesn't mean it is metallic. This "goop" may cover the whole bottom and come out with the plug because of that. I also think that since this has happened to both the tranny and primary that it would be very strange if both units started to grind themselves to death at the same time. Also gray or yellowish "goop" to me is a sign of moisture and this color can vary depending on the color of the oil.Keep us posted.