Grand Canyon

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    ok guys ya'll helped alot with my trip to the Texas hill country so i hope you can help me with this ride, new orleans to the grand canyon in march.
    never been pass fort stockton on i-10 that was a trip to big ben. i know from n.o. to san antonio that its nothing but what about the rest of the trip. we want to stop in carlsbad and roswell then to the big hole in the ground. any help ?
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    At the intersection of 64 and 180 is a motel about 25 miles south of the gate. It is a far sight cheaper than the "resort" hotel at Grand Canyon Village. Also it you are retired military or disabled, check into the National Park Pass. Free if you are qualified. It will save you a ton on National Park Admissions.

    If time permits go through Zion Nat. Park and try to make the ride on 550 north out of Durango Co. may want to call ahead to make sure there are no fires in the area. They were closed when we went through due to a wild fire.

    Roswell..The UFO Museum is pretty cool as is the HD shop in town.

    Pack your leathers. It will be cool in the upper elevations.