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    Just finished a 19 day road trip out west, great trip. We have a 2013 FLHTC.
    My question has to do with power to my Garmin GPS unit. I plugged the power cord into the "cigarette lighter", I thought this was also a power plug. On day 3 I got a message on the GPS screen "battery low", I noticed the power light on the cord was not on, I checked the accessory fuse in the fuse box and it was good. I used the battery back-up on the GPS unit the rest of the trip. it only lasts about 45 minutes of continuous use.
    When I got home I looked at my manual and it says this plug is a cigarette lighter not a power outlet for other devices.
    Does anyone else use this outlet for other devices? I've used it in the past to recharge my phone but this is the first time I've used it for the GPS and the first time I've used it for an extended period of time.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. jamesearl

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    It says cigarette lighter,and not power port?

    I've heard some were wired wrong from the factory,but I think they blew out right away.
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    On my '05RG the cig/power outlet was only on when the bike was running. I always ran my heated vest from it.
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    This had been a issue with cigarette lighters for years. That is why vehicles now have power points.
    Its possible that the plug was not making good contact in lighter socket and did not charge GPS. You used to be able to get away with turning plug in socket to have proper ground and power though sometimes doing this could blow lighter fuse do to shorting out socket.
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    There is a slight size difference between power ports and lighters. The lighter in my truck doesn't work in my ACC port. I had a problem running my GPS off my lighter, and jammed some tootpicks in there to hold it steady. I did buy the $20 "power port" kit that plugs in under the seat, and uses the acc switch on the fairing skirt.
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    Thanks to all those that replied.

    Breeze3at, was that an after market "power Port" or from an HD dealer. Don't think I've seen anything at an HD dealer for $20. I'm not using my ACC switch for anything else.
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    I found a "permanent" power cord on the internet. You have to remove the inner fairing to mount it in there. Powers off the "aux" power switch. I mount my GPS on the left HB. Then you don't have to screw with the "cigarette lighter".
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    I have a cell phone charger plugged into that port all of the time, and it runs my GPS. The only problem I have ever had was a loose connection on the charger.