Got out and rode today - in Missouri!!!

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Lucy, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. Lucy

    Lucy Active Member

    :D What an awesome surprise - nice enough weather to ride in mid-December in Missouri. I didn't ride long, but it was really nice to get out. I envy those of you that can ride year round!

    NYSDEUCERIDER Active Member

    I envy you! Mine has been in storage for a month already! :( Right now, I am keeping my bike off my mind by designing our new garage (to be started in April) complete with a separate 'bike area'!
  3. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    Good for you Lucy, one advantage of living here in Florida, I ride every day by choice:s
  4. Lucy

    Lucy Active Member

    Sorry to hear it is in storage. My husband suggests every year that I "winterize" mine, cover it, and leave alone until Spring. Every year, is say NO. I usually get in about one ride per month December - February. Today, he actually got is out and rode with me!

    Yes, you are envied!!! Maybe in retirement I'll move somewhere more motorcycle friendly.:)
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  5. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    Planet Glider?:p Enjoy the ride when ever you can, remember the cagers forget about bikes in the winter months so be extra careful
  6. FIREDOG239

    FIREDOG239 Active Member

    Didn't ride today but rode yesterday and even though it was 36 degrees while I was riding twenty miles to the dealer it was worth it. Any ride is a good one.:D:D:D
  7. We got the bike out both last weekend and this weekend. Not long rides, but enough to get the fluids circulating and keep everything moving. Not bad for Eastern Colorado in December. Temps were in the high 30's with some ice still on the road in shady spots.
    I do not winterize the bike. I will ride some every month of the year.
  8. bullet 10

    bullet 10 Member

    I also live in MO. When first got bike I would put up to 5,000 miles during winter. Age changes that, lucky to put 1,000 miles now, besides that winter last couple years has been really harse here(last year 24 inches of snow, lasted 2 wks). Right now bike is covered in garage, but can be ready to ride in a heart beat.
  9. 01dynaglide

    01dynaglide Junior Member

    Down here in GA it doesn't even feel like winter. it was in the low 70's this past week and 60's this week with the lows in the 30's-40's. It is nice to be able to ride year around, however it gets pretty warm during the summer.
  10. alto

    alto Active Member

    Good for you Lucy. Even a little ride keeps me sane ( well, sort of) I keep my ride In the garage and ready to go if we get a decent day. I'll do that until the first salt/chemical..then, it goes in my trailer and parked until that stuff is washed away come spring (by the way, my mechanic tells me the chemical stuff they're using, is causing many,many,brake and gas line rusting..much more than with the regular sand/salt mixture they used to use. My van broke a brother in law just had the same thing happen..two others I know had brake lines let go...mechanic says we can lessen the damage by running our cars through a car wash, or spraying the underside more often.). When that stuff goes on the road, my bike stays off the road.