Got hit by an SUV today

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  1. Mongo1958

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    I was on the north side of Atlanta on Indian Trail heading for I-85.
    I came up to a light that changed to red. I stopped at the light. Next thing that happened was the sound of screeching tires followed by the impact to the rear of my Ultra Classic.
    I managed to keep the bike up when the SUV hit me. The impact was not as bad as it could have been. The rear finder light was crushed. The right exhaust and the back of the tour pack are dinged and scuffed up. My back is a little soar. I was very lucky!!!
    When I got home, my stepson read the back of my T-Shirt to me, “You Can’t Out Ride Your Guardian Angel”.
    AMEN! Thank you Jesus!
  2. oldhippie

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    Glad you weren't seriously hurt. :bigsmiley12: The bike can be fixed in shorter time than our body tends to take to heal. Always good to have a guardian angel.
  3. HDDon

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    You didn't say anything about getting looked at. With an accident like yours you could have damage to your neck or spine that won't show up right away. If I were in your shoes I would be getting looked at before I sign any type of release. Glad it was something you could walk away from.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Double on the above...

    July 30th I headed to NM for a nice Hot ride. A woman decided to make room for a semi truck taking a turn in front of her into the oncoming lanes at our stop light left turn lane. Both of us were stopped.

    She didn't see me OR Hear me Honking and yelling STOP...

    Backed the 6 feet I always leave infront of me and plowed into my front end. Moving me back 2 feet to boot.

    Now the left Hip is a problem again and has had some strains before...

    Thankfully the lady had insurance to cover the bike and injuries (X-rays,MRI) done a few days later. Now the sore hip, I have insurance to cover the medical BUT why should MY insurance cover it. BUT her insurnce rep. very argumentative and not fun to get along with... Set aside 3,000$ to cover ALL Medical cost... Medical cost are over 7,000$ right now and I May need a Hip replacement. 38/44 thous. BOY is her insurance Howling...

    Sorry my story is so long and not meant to take from your problem..... BUT Don's advice and Seeing Part of MY Problem BE CAREFUL...

    Don't sign a thing for a long peroid of time... IF you have full coverage, good.. I have not used My insurance yet but I am close to doing so and Let THEM fight it out. (my insurance Knows about the crash) But until I turn it in against MY coverage???

    I'm giving her insurance some rope but they Want To Hang me with it.:(

  5. Jack Klarich

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    Go to a DR ASAP, your bike can be fixed, damage to your neck and back will show up with an MRI, prayers sent and Good Luck
  6. DakotaRob

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    Wow, that could have been a lot worse, glad to hear it was not. Like others have said, get yourself checked out ASAP.
  7. tyre

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    BLESSINGS it was not worse. :)
    Get to a Dr.
  8. mat 60

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    That could have been much worse.....Glad your ok.
  9. Mongo1958

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    I must take the time to thank Geico Ins Co. They have really taken the ball with this one. The insurance company and ph # that was given at the accident was wrong. I do not know if it was deliberate or not. However, the dude that caused the accident wanted to work it out with out a police report ( as well as a ticket). Funny how he knew how much it would cost as well as what kind of citation he would receive. I mean, who thinks of things like that when you just hit a motorcycle unless you are talking from experience and are about to loose your licence, insurance or freedom. Needless to say I called the Po Po. Also, strangers on the side of the road were asking if I was OK before the driver even bothered to talk to me. I called the guy up today and he hung up on me 3 times. Sheesh! I'm not the bad guy here!!! Anyway, Geico hunted down this guy's insurance Co and got me a claim # from the dudes insurance company. Now I wait.
  10. Rubyred

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    I went through this last year. I was directed by GEICO not to contact the other person or his insurance company. I did not accept medical treatment at the scene or go to the hospital and I am paying for it now. By the way it took close to 6 months before I got my deductible back. It had to go to arbitration but GEICO took care of everything. Good luck and I am glad you are okay!