Got a bike with No key security suggestions

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Derdawa, May 15, 2016.

  1. Derdawa

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    i bought my bike from a private party who got it at Auction. It is a police bike 13k miles. Everthing is great. The problem is I want ride my bike to work and so on. Yet I have to wait 2 weeks for HD to send me the fob for the bike to lock it. I can get on it and ride it with no issues but so could anyone else until the fob gets here.
    In theory no one knows that but me and the guy I bought it from. If someone wanted to take it they don't know that. Am I too paranoid about it. I work in an industrial park not in a busy area. Suggestions?
  2. dbmg

    dbmg Guest

    Better have a good cable and lock to run through the wheels. In theory a lock only keeps a honest person honest. But it will give you peace of mind in the mean time.......
  3. jamesearl

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    If you work in a warehouse,maybe the boss will let you give it a spot inside.
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  4. Derdawa

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    Inside is nice but it's a hospital equipment warehouse. I like the cable idea thanks.
  5. Jack Klarich

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    Carry 1 of these I have had 1 since 1988
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  6. HDDon

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    The disc brake lock is a good one and it will make it harder to steal the bike, but two guys and a pickup truck or trailer can be gone with it in less than 15 seconds. A good chain and lock combo with the chain wrapped around something solid like a light pole, will give the thief something to think about. As was said before locks only keep honest people honest. Do you know what happened to the two fobs that came with he bike?
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  7. fin_676

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    I have a place for a padlock on the steering head and I use a military spec padlock on it and I also use a chain through the front wheel I like to chain the bike to something else often it is the wife's bike

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  8. joel

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    Not knowing if this is your first Harley or not.
    But I remember when I got my first. It was a 03 RKC,
    and even with the fey/fob I was worried too, so much I took off the saddle bags a d windscrean for the night when out of town.
    Now I just lock it up. And don't think about it.