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    O.K. here goes. I have read until blue in the face. I have an 06 streetbob, andrews 510 cams, ss gear drives. HD high flow air cleaner, and back to stock pipes with rush slip ons, Stage 2 down load, terry components tuner. I had a local shop do the work only to find they didn't know their butts from a hole in the ground. When the cams were put in, it would run fine except at differnet times it would act like it ran out of gas and I would head for the shoulder only to have it take off again. So, they put an FI 2000 on it and that seemed to help but I wasn't impressed with difference in the cams and my mileage dropped to twenty five. When the FI2000 had a wire break on the road, I removed it. Bike still ran like garbage. Took it back to the dealer and they flashed it for me only to find the ECM wasn't original and didn't have the download I had from beginning, so now I have the stage 2 download. Through a set of circumstances I came to know Keith Terry and I put one of their tuners on. It really runs hard now and my mileage is back up in the 40 range, HOWEVER, At different times the bike will cough and bark. Well after being warm, when you come out of turn that you back off on and then start to accelerate when your coming out, it will cough a couple of times and then go or when you just motor along and start to roll on, it might cough and sometimes even back fires. Takes the fun out of riding. All this to say, Does anyone have a suggestion on Which tuner to go with. I've read much of what has been said in the self help section and am just about ready to scream. Sorry for the long post, but felt I needed to set the story in order to ask for help.
    Thanks in advance
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    I like the Thundermax, but personal opinions aside I would go with PCIII, SERT, or the Thundermax. In other words I would spend the money on a tuner that can be put on a dyno and tuned in by a good tuner with your set up. I don't know too much about the terry components tuner, only that it has an auto tune module but it still used narrow band oxygen sensors, and I've hear similar stories to yours from other people who have tried it.
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    I'm well satisfied with the HD supertuner.