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    Guys if you ever have need to install your own Delphi and AMP connector pins these (link below) crimper pliers do an excellent job. As you may have found it's sometimes difficult to find a crimper that states it will do AMP connectors. This one only said Delphi, but the teeth on it looked like it would also do AMPs so I bought it a few months back at Amazon for only $32 bucks. I had found one that said they do AMPs but were like $80.

    Today I took all the slack out of my front signal wires (that I had moved down off the bars previously) to make more room in frame neck wiring area. I soldered the right side sig wires back together. Went ok but kind of a pain cause you have to stagger the cuts and the only way I've ever been able to get the wire hot enough to melt solder is to press the wire between wood and my solder gun. Just holding the gun to the wire seems like it never does get hot enough without pressure. It's a high watt gun, the end gets red hot, and I'm using thin diameter rosin core solder, but on thin stranded wire it just wants pressure contact to heat up.

    Soooo anyhow for the left sigs, went down to local HD and bought a pack of AMP pins (pack of 12 female pins for $5 bucks). Came back and tried the crimpers, they did an absolutely fabulous job of crimping the AMP pins. The finished crimp looks just like the HD ones. You just have to decipher which size crimp hole to use on them. The insulation crimp is one size larger than the wire crimp. Anyhow in case anyone is looking for such, here is the link. Does Delphi connectors too. Delphi Packard Weatherpack Crimper Tool Kit: Automotive