Going to be my first ride in the rain-Advice?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by kzoo, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. kzoo

    kzoo Banned

    Started out as a beautiful morning for the 30 mile commute to work. Now, storms and rain. Darn, I guess you cant outguess mother nature.

    Any advice from you for my first wet ride in 20 years? No I don't have a wet suit either..

    Free bike wash though!
  2. Dr. Dolittle

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    I would check the hourly forecast on intellicast.com and see if there was a window of better ride conditions worth waiting for.

    If not, take it slow and easy and just accept the fact that you're going to get soaked. Remember everyone's visibility is reduced in the rain so don't be afraid to cruise with your flashers going. Stopping distances will increase too so slow down and allow more following distance.

    Good Luck!
  3. EnjoyingTheRyde

    EnjoyingTheRyde Junior Member

    No fun but it happens, get some rain gear to keep with you. I travel 120 miles or so round trip and the weather can vary greatly between home and work. Take your time, keep the eyes in the back of your head open as well as the ones in front. As far as the free wash goes, well, you'll see.

    Just for clarification though, If the forecast says rain, I take the cage.
  4. TripleJ

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    Just take your time, making no fast movements. Brake a little earlier and take off a little easier and keep more distance than normal in the front and you should be fine. Watch out for the painted lines at the stop light/sign as they tend to be quite slick.

    If visibility gets to bad find a safe spot and wait it out for a bit. Oh yeah, get some rain gear :D
  5. scooter49097

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    It's raining hard here in VIcksburg. Hopefully this front will pass through and no rain for your ride home just wet roads. Maybe backroads on ur way home avoid the big puddles take your time and stay off I-94.
  6. se120r

    se120r New Member

    slow down and enjoy the rain being on a bike is better than being in a car anytime have fun
  7. fin_676

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    Take it easy remember your tyres will not grip so well in the rain so leave plenty of braking space as water on the brakes will reduce their performance also
    Try and keep the bike as upright as possible and have every light you have on so that others can see you
    wipe off your mirrors before you set off
    if you get chilled on the ride home hot bath will help bring your internal temp up

  8. roadking01

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    It's best not to ride right after it starts raining wait for the oil in the highway to get washed off and try not to ride in the middle of the lane, and no sudden movements.
  9. Mavagrand

    Mavagrand Senior Member

    If you don't have one, get a full faced helmet or at least one with a full shield that covers your face. Rain can sting. I also carry empty bread bags with me (the plastic ones) if it looks like rain, I'll pull them over my shoes and either tuck them into my socks or if wearing boots into the top of the boots then use rubber bands to secure them. they will keep your feet dry. Stay away from the Wonderbread bags though, people tend to notice them quickly. :)
  10. MyfirstHarley

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    kzoo gotta love that Michigan weather!, how was your ride in the rain? I got caught for the exact reasons you described at the exact same time just a little east of you in the Chelsea area. My first ride in the rain on the Road KIng as well, only 10 minutes or so though , so it wasn't to bad and no traffic so that was a huge plus. I hope your ride was uneventful. now to clean up the water spots, here comes the pledge!!. Tim