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    I bought a pair of the 30 dollar MoCo sunglasses that have the foam to keep my eyes from drying out with my contacts. The foam on these glasses, however, has compressed (I guess that is what you'd call it). So, they're allowing air through and my eyes are getting really dry when I ride. My bike is my daily driver for the most part, so I need to be able to see when I ride. :rofl

    I'm looking for opinions from people with contacts that have used a type of goggles/sunglasses that work well and don't let the air dry out my contacts. I'm not looking to spend over $100 or so unless the overall reaction points toward a pair of more expensive eyewear. Any help or advice you can give is appreciated! :)
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    Its tough to find the right pair and keep a happy medium. I have goggles, and the problem with them is you sweat inside.
    Do you have a windsheild on your bike? If you do, you'll find the wind comes up through the bottom of your glasses.
    I was having to stop in between gas stops just to put drops in. I went thru about 6 pair of glasses till I found ones that worked well, then I broke them and cant find the same thing again! But I never spent more than 12 bucks on any pair. I'm sure you get what you pay for.......LOL
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    I think the trick is to get a pair that fit you, everybodys heads and faces are different, a pair of shades that work for one person might not work for another. I don't like goggles, helmets or windshields so I have a pair of over priced panoptx, they work well for me and they even turn clear at night, they have lasted me a long time so I feel they paid for themselfs. If you wear a helmet all the time you might get input from someone that uses face shields I posted a link panoptx site for you but there are many outher manufactures out there that make quality glasses also. Good luck keeping it under $100.00 though.

    Panoptx - View All Motorcycle Eyewear
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    i got a pretty nice pair at a local yahama shop, my neice works there , they are a polarized, mirror finish with some sorta gasket material that works well, and there style lish, i got them at her cost dor 15 bucks, regular priced at $30.00 in there shop, if intrested i can post pic sometime with them on , i currently have 2 pair

    i know they work good , my last bike had no windshield and i run a half, helment, face totally exposed
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    I had to buy an emergency pair at a gas station while on a trip. It turned out these were the best riding glasses I had ever used. They were plastic with good optics that wrapped around and protected from the side.

    When I got home I checked them out on the internet and bought them in smoke, yellow and clear. The brand name is Hercules. I thinkk they were less than $15 per pair. I highly recommend them for function and it doesn't hurt as much if you loose a pair.

    PM me if you can not locate them on the web.

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    Trust me, you do not want to use polarized lenses. If you tilt your head or light hits the road at low angles, you will not see tar snakes, oil slicks or water etc. I found the yellow lenses work the best...both at night and during the day which was pretty surprising. I have used Solar Shades, which are around $20 and fit over my perscription glasses. For long term comfort rides during daylight or night, I use Guard Dogs with interchangeable lens and are about $45-$50 US (they were for sale at local HD dealer, as vendor had tent with samples on display at their summer bashe last year).
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    I have Davida rider's sunnies with foam around each lens housing, interchangeable smoked, yellow and clear(which I haven't used). I find them very good and never get probs with my contacts drying out. They also come with an elasticated strap option if you prefer which seats them more firmly onto your face which makes them more like goggles. They were not expensive - around £25- what's that in $? About $40-45?
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    Wiley-X were the best when I still wore contacts. Had the inner-lens seal to keep air/dust away fm eyes w/grooves to have some airflow. Also used them while deployed to desert (no m/c riding), but they did keep dust out of eyes.
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    It is hard to find inexpensive glasses that fit well. I have a narrow bridged nose & can't find any that block wind from coming in around the nose pads. I usually try different low cost glasses hoping to run across the perfect pair, when I find them I will probably buy quite a few pairs just to have them. You get what you pay for in most cases, none of the cheaper glasses will last forever... Good luck in your quest for the ones best suited to your needs. And as always, Ride Safe...
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    Just back from a ride on my rat using a pair of Freedom 24 which a grateful patient gave me yesterday as a little thank you. They're reactalight and didn't fog up even on a cold murky morning. Maybe much is down to shape of face for the specs your trying and how much nasal vs. mouth breathing you habitually do whether you use a buff etc. Don't know, just wondering but for me - both sets of specs I have work v. well and I have had years and years of pleasure in snow and on water and now on bikes with contacts. No worries with them. Just my 2c./1p