glo lights for ultra classic saddlebags

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    I have a 2006 Ultra with glo lights on the rails of the saddlebags. However, one of the panels (the front left one) has abandoned me and I'm trying to figure out how to replace just the one panel. Any suggestions? Does anybody have a broken one that I can cannabalize? Thanks.
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    Harley has a repair kit for the individual pc boards. They run about $40 each. I have the HD P/N at home if you'd like it. You might want to check the solder joints between panels and make sure they're ok. The PC material is really (EDIT) and the circuit traces has a tendency of delaminating from the PC mat'l. I have replaced individual lamps and in the process I delaminated several traces/pads and had to hard wire them and epoxy the lamps in place. The lamps are incandescent with a limited life span. Maybe they'll go to LED's after they use up their present stock.
    I have my old set in a box that will not fit my '09 that I'd let go cheap if anyone is interested.

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    Thanks for replying. When I went to the local HD they said that that the replacement parts are now "obsolete". I'm not sure about a few of your abbreviations---such as the PC or the P/N. But if you do have an old set available I may be very interested.
    The ones on my bike came free from a friend's '01 model since he was getting an '09. As I always say "If you aren't rich, it's good to have rich friends."

    I can be reached via PM if you are interested is selling them (or giving them away).

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    P/N would be short for part number and PC woud be short for printed circuit in this instance i think