Getting the better half to go on long trips!

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by SC-roadking, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. SC-roadking

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    :newsmile080:OK, this is my problem; 2 yrs ago I retired bought my dream ride RK SE set it up for long or short trips but can't get the wife interested in just taking the bike for a few days ride. Says she is too old to be with out all the girl stuff that makes her happy and looking her best, not to mention the back side soreness. So I bought a Kendon single trailer to haul the bike behind our 4 Runner to our main destinations and the plan was to go on several short rides from there. Then use the 4 Runner to go out to dinner and things like that. Got to be honest that really doesn’t get the long hall wind in your face free feeling that I was trying to get. Last summer I took out by myself for a 30 day run in northern CA but missed sharing the great views and experience with my wife. Any of you have the same type trouble with your misses?
  2. Rubyred

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    Yep, so I leave her home! She likes short rides though, alot of them!
  3. Charlies Harley

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    No vary lucky with that and I know it, she has her own ride and we have a 10 day trip planed comming up soon with good friends and we are both pumped. Now is that lucky?
  4. dbmg

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    Maybe try convincing her that the importance of spending time together on the bike is very important to you, and agree that you will only do a couple of hundred miles a day. Renting a convertible for a weekend might help also.
    Best of luck.....:)
  5. Iceman24

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    Sorry...I'm in the same boat as OP - wife won't get on "the widowmaker" at all. Used to ride many years ago when we were young, dating & w/o kids. Now she stresses every time I head out & is greatly relieved to hear me return. News/media reports & stories on m/c accidents put the fear into her & I can't crack the shell...
  6. Ishmael

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    Same here, the love of my life (43 years so far) won't ride with me. "It scares me", is the refrain. Truthfully, North Carolina is so heavily populated that even in the somewhat rural area I live in I seldom have the road to myself, so I'm somewhat apprehensive too. We as bikers seldom come out best in any accident, but the thrill of riding and the exhiliration one feels on a Harley keeps me coming back for more. Rock on.
  7. cycleman11

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    If she's not interested then your in a no win situation. You can try the short route thing to see if she will change her mind, but that's about it.

    No point forcing the issue, just get on with life.
  8. 09RKC

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    Sorry can't help with advice. Mine didn't want me to get a bike. So, she doesn't get on it. She doesn't even talk about it. I enjoy it on my own.
  9. sonderkind88

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    sorry about your luck i am verry lucky in that mine loves to ride and has no intrest in riding on her own one thing that i have learned is that if momma isnt comfy than she wont want to ride i put a king and queen seat on for her and rock a lepera bare bones solo for me when she isnt going
  10. Dr. Dolittle

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    I'm pretty much in the same boat. She has driven to Daytona twice to join me for Biketoberfest but has absolutely no desire to sit on the back for the 400+ miles it takes to get there.

    She has never done an overnight trip on the bike with me and I'm starting to seriously doubt it will ever happen. Oh well - not a big enough deal to split up over!

    If you can afford it, you might want to look into taking a long road trip somewhere you've both always wanted to go and have her fly there to meet you. That way you get to enjoy several days of the wind in your face on the open road and you both get to enjoy being together at the final destination.