Getting a windshield for my Deluxe - still unsure...

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by lain, Apr 7, 2011.

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    sorry for posting this question again; it has been already posted several times, but I still can't decide which height is best for me

    I need a windshield for my Softail Deluxe, and I'm not sure whether to get a 17” or 19” (the model I like best is from Memphis Shades; so it's not the 18" or 21" heights). I'm 5'11" tall.

    Unfortunately the dealer's where I live aren't well equipped; none of them had a Deluxe with a windshield on it (to sit on it and get a feeling for the windshield height ), so I'll have to order it "blindly" and hope to guess the right height.

    In case of doubt – would you suggest getting it a bit too low, or a bit too high ? (17” might be a bit low, maybe on chin level; 19” could be nose level, but might also be right on eye level).

    Essentially I would like to avoid having the top of the windshield right on or near my “line of sight”; I think it could be pretty disturbing seeing half the road over the windshield and the other half through it (especially if the top vibrates a bit, of if low sun causes reflections).

    On the other hand, I would also like to be able to ride with the visor of my helmet open (it’s a full helmet; so in summer sometimes it’s hot). If the windshield is a bit too low (17”), would that be much of a trouble, or would the buffeting still be ok ?

    I’d really appreciate any hints a lot

    Best regards,


    P.s.: the glass shops where I live would charge me quite a lot for cutting the windshield down, so I'd like to avoid that!
  2. Duane53

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    I'm 5' 10" and I have a 21" windshield. It seems to work ok for me.
  3. Iceman24

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    Did you call Memphis Shades and ask for some sizing recommendation(s)? They'll guide you to a good fit & will probably exchange if you're not happy...just a thought.
  4. lain

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    Hi Duane,
    is the top of your windshield above/at/below eye level ?


    Yes, good idea; wrote them an email, now just waiting for the answer :p
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    I have a deluxe and had the same questions Mine is 19" and seems a little high so I thought about having it cut down to 17" after thinking about it and thinking about it I have left it at 19". But if I ever want to cut it down it will run about 50 bucks. remember you can cut it down but you cant add on later. I think you will be comfortable with either way you go. I am 5'11" also. Good luck
  6. lain

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    Hi 173ABN,
    Deluxe & 5'11" & 19" - that would be my configuration ;-)
    Could you tell me where the top of the windshield is with respect to your eyes ? I.e, does it "cut" the road in half, is the vibrating top / reflections sometimes an issue for you ?. Do you experience buffetting on the helmet (i.e. can you ride with open visor ?)

    I'd like to avoid cutting down the windshield (according to my dealer I would lose some of the "aerodynamics" effect of the curved top), so I'll stick with the height I'll order (that's why I'm thinking twice about it ;-))
  7. 173ABN

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    The top of the windshield is just above my eyes and I look through it I have no trouble with the wind while wearing a open face helmet The only trouble I have is when I get a heavy fog and dew on it. Like I said I was going to cut it down but after thinking about it for a while decided to leave it. Just remember that if you get the 19" you can still cut it later but if you get the 17" thats it. I also think that as thick as the windshield are I would not worry about cutting down it by someone that know what they are doing. Again good luck
  8. ImaRider

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    Did you talk to the parts guy at your dealership? Mine has a piece of windshield lexan I can hold up on my bike marked off in inch dimensions. That way I can see the height most comfortable to me on my bike.
  9. lorne

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    like Tbones says. looking over is best JMO unless you plan on riding in the rain alot
  10. doctordoug

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    I think think the easiest way to get the correct height is to put the windshield on and then use blue tape positioned where you "might" like the top to be. Ride it and move the tape as needed. When you have it figured out it is pretty simple to mark the cutting line and then apply tape up to that line. The tape protects the windshield from any scratching from the base of the jigsaw. Use a fine tooth blade in a jig saw and trim it down. After cutting sand the edge with progressively fine sand paper on a block and bevel the edge slightly. It should end up looking like the factory edge. It is easy to do and you can spend the money on chrome!