Getting A Harley, Help Please?????

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    Ok, guys , Im finally going to be able to go and get My Harley:bigsmiley25::bigsmiley14:. I leaning towards a Heritage or Roadking. I am 5'9". So now I was wondering what year models do yall think are the best and which ones should I stay away from? I cant afford any of the newer models, so I will probably be looking from years 96-2003 or so..I am not very mechanical so I will need one that I wont have to work on much..What do yall think...any comments would be great.
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    What Hobbit said, plus I'd go talk to a dealer about a new bike before I started looking at used ones. Any "pre-owned" machine is a huge question mark in my mind. The current owner will tell you it has been babied, all service done on time, etc, but how do you prove that? You may end up spending a lot of money and time getting problems taken care of. If the bike is at a dealership ask about the warranty. If it is more than two years old the original HD warranty has run out. Buying an extended warranty costs money and that's something to consider. A new Harley comes with a 2 year unlimited mileage warranty as part of the deal. BTW, that unlimited mileage is part of the reason I worry about used bikes. It may tempt the owner to run the dickens out of the bike for the first two years because if it breaks it gets fixed by HD.

    Then there's the matter of financing. Unless you can afford to buy a bike outright you will need a lending institution to help. Almost certainly the bank or whatever will loan less at a higher interest rate for a shorter period on a used bike than a new one. It's possible to end up with higher monthly payments on the used bike.

    Just something to think about. Good luck with whatever you choose. :)

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    Ok, Guys what do you think, I found 2 different bikes....which is better

    The 02 Heritage has 23k , but I will need to buy a windshield,engine guard, passenger backrest. for $10.995 and is black.

    The 07 Heritage will only need a saggy bag kit. it has all other accessories but has 43k. for $11.995 and is maroon.

    what is the better deal? Are miles that big of a deal. What is the difference between an 02 and an 07 Heritage Softail?? Sorry for all the questions. just want to make sure I get the best deal...
  4. 21 years old ,probably 180 000 kms on it ,little maintenance runs strong, old evo. but if your not mech. inclined you mabye should buy somthin newer, or learn as you go ,like i am doin.

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    I couldn't be happier with my 10 year old RK. There are a lot of good used bikes out there, but you have to look. I picked my up as a nine year old with only 1400 miles on it.
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    I have a Heritage. I love the bike and it is perfect for me. I am older and it's weight, at around 760 pounds is about all I want to deal with. I do not do any touring. Most of my riding is on country roads and do about 100 - 150 miles at a time. I love the serenity of the country and the winding roads.

    On the highway it does ok but if I was to use it for touring I would want maybe a 100 extra pounds and a full fairing and those neat doodads like a radio, CD player etc. to keep me company. However I would not want to have to handle the extra weight of a touring bike.

    This is just my opinion of course. Everyone wants and appreciates different characteristics in their bikes and for different reasons.
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    The RK is the better handling bike and '02 is the best year; I like the earlier models with Timken crank bearing and forged cranks because they don't stay 88". If it won't make 100TQ, I don't want it; but that's just me.
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    Well, the 02 is sold already. The place that had the 07 wont give me enough on my trade in. So I will keep looking......