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    So I installed a Gen 3 Ejk on my 09 RKC yesterday and install was a breeze. Of course I had to make it harder than it needed to be, after installing it I turned the bike on without starting it and noticed that I got a green light in pot1 and a red light in pot 8 which means I had a connection problem. So after taking it back apart and putting back together 3 times with same problem I was ready to give up. Then I reread the instructions for the 10th time and realized it said to check the lights after STARTING the vehicle so I did and wow it scanned green light for a few seconds and then 3 lights stayed on and after warming for a sec only 2 stayed on. I think thats how its supposed to be. Anyway my prob now is that when I turn on ignition to let fuel pump kick on and wait till the light goes out I start the bike and after a few seconds the fuel pump light comes back on. Do I need to reset this somehow or did I miss something during install after all?
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    Power is supplied to our unit through the injectors so when you just turn the key on there is power to the unit, but no injector signal resulting in the error display. Your start-up description sounds correct.

    Are you saying the fuel pump light stays on the entire time you ride the bike?

    We would have to run through the attached trouble code chart to determine exactly what code you are receiving.

    Please post the code or call us for help walking through receiving it. 877-764-3337

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    could the answer please be posted?

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    Im gonna take a picture of the indicator light that is on and Ill post it hopefully tomm
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    Just a quick ? --- Have you checked for any codes that might have been thrown?
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    This is the indicator light that I was talking about sorry it took me so long to get it posted. The light comes on when turning on ignition like normal then it shuts off and after starting the bike it comes back on and stays on. I did unplug the fuel pump fuse when I purged the fuel line so I could disconnect it and lift tank during install but I did reinstall it and checked to make sure it was in all the way what else could be causing this???

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    Why don't you pull the codes and you can tell us what is causing the light?
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    Thanx for the help guys as I am still very much a novice when it comes to this mechanical/electrical stuff. So I ran the codes and this is what I got
    p0107 map sensor low
    p0113 at voltage open/high
    p0132 front oxygen sensor high
    p0152 rear oxygen sensor high
    pn 32933-09 which I'm guessing us a part #.
    I've read other areas where they say to disconnect your o2 sensors but it didn't say anything about it in my instructions so I didn't. I'm guessing that could be the issue for the last 2 codes but what about the others? Also if I do need to disconnect them do I need to completly remove them or just unplug the pigtail?

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    Did you get any Plug looking devices with the Gen3 parts? If not Dallas (Dobecks) will advise here..

    I think,,,You should UN HOOK the 02 sensors by the connector away from the sensor..(un plug)

    Clear your codes and Re start and run.. Then check for New codes..

    I took my 02's out of the loop and you need to also.. I used the Plugs that were part of my package from Dobecks.. I also wrapped the 02 sensor wire and the Plugged ended wire together with tape to keep them clean and Looking like they were still plugged in....I don't think I'm wrong but if so Dallas will correct me, Also..

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    When I put my TFI on my 07 RKC just a few weeks ago, my directions did say to disconnect the o2 sensors and attach a "bypass" to the wiring harness side. I was expecting to see wires that went from the TFI to the o2 senor connections down near the exhaust. BUT when I finnaly opened the package, those " bypasses" were simply something that plugged into the wiring harness to fool the ECM. Looked just like the connector I took out, without wires, but must have a resistor in there.
    I would think the whole idea of the TFI is to remove the o2 sensors from the circut, while fooling the ECM into thinking they are still there, hence, the "bypass".