Gasoline blends

R. Lewis

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I have been reading ads and seeing signs at gas stations across missouri that read --Starting Jan. 08 all unleaded fuel will have 10% ethanol in it?
We've had that for quite some time now in most stations. What's coming next? Maybe gasahol?
I know it is supposed to good for the air and economy but I don't use ethanol in my vehicles. I have done some checking on my fuel milage and I lose 3 to 8 miles to the gallon when I use(d) it. As far as my scooter,I really don't want to use it in there!!??? Glider --- since you have experienced it in your neck of the woods for awhile--- what's your opinion on it ??
I really see no difference in performance or MPG using it in my car and bike. I do hear that it is supposed to be a bit corrosive on some parts.

Feel like reading about it?

Thanks for the link.--- according to---some studies(dept. of Commerce,Wisconsin) parts that are corrosive Zinc,Brass and aluminum . Undesirable spark generation with electric fuel pumps. And there is a study on 20% ethanol useing Australian passenger vehicles.
Hey glider,I'M Winterizing my 2007 FLSTC and was curioous about using the STA-Bil in the tank? With it being Electronic Fuel Injected, will the Sta-Bil mess any of the sensors or anything else up from sitting in tank thru the Winter? Also, what about this fuel with ethanol in it? Someone said it might not be a good idea to fill the tank up with the ethanol added fuel mixture at the pumps.Might lay in the tank all winter and end up gumming things up? what do ya think? Take care, Hi-Tek Rednek :dknow
I don't think you have any concerns about the sta-bil in the tank. It bypasses the sensors so there shouldn't be a problem there. It's injected into the manifold on the Delphi systems.
Run the motor long enough to get it through the system.

As far as the ethanol, we have the 10% here and have for a while with no problems over the winter.

What I would do is to use an injector cleaner next season to clean things up a bit.