Gas mileage took a dive

Discussion in 'TFI Questions Answered By Dobeck' started by 11bdad, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. 11bdad

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    Installed a TFI unit on my 2010 FXDC several months ago. Bike has Rush Slip-on's (1.75 baffles), and a Ness Big Sucker AC. Bike has run great since I installed the unit (still does), but my MPG has taken a dive over the last 3 tanks of fuel. The TFI is set to the recommended setting for the mods. My mileage has gone from 40-42 mpg to 36-38, with no change length of trips or riding style. Any ideas?

  2. glider

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    You can lower the #1 and #2 pots just a bit but the decrease isn't drastic for openers. The engines are set so lean from the factory that the added fuel will make a slight difference in MPG.
  3. Bodeen

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    I cooler, great running bike is worth a few miles a gallon. Longevity alone is worth it. Dont worry, drive it like you stole it.
  4. dbmg

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    My thought is, now that it running great and pulling strong the amount of noise you are making do to the right wrist is indirect relation to less MPG.....
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    I think dbmg hit it right on the head. After I did the same upgrades I lost some MPG until I quit impressing myself with the new found power and sound. The MPG will come back some what. Injoy the new power and sound.
  6. 11bdad

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    I guess I was a little vague in terms of the time frame. I installed the TFI probably 5 months ago. The pots were adjusted to the recommended settings and everything has been great. My gas mileage since installing the unit has been between 38-42, which is a combination of in town riding with 1 or 2 50 mile trips to Charleston a week. The drop in gas mileage has just occurred in the last 3 tanks of fuel. I'm not getting on the throttle any more than usual. I just don't understand why I've gone from an average of say 40 mpg down to 35 to 36. As good as the bike runs, I guess I won't worry about it.
  7. R. Lewis

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    Did the last 3 tanks come from the same filling station? Have you put in any kind of fuel stabilizer - sea-form,MM,Iso-heet ?????
  8. cdyoung29

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    Winter blend petro. You will lose MPG in the winter.
  9. 11bdad

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    Two tanks were Citgo 93 octane (no ethanol) and today was BP 93 octane. Normally all I run is the BP, but I thought I'd run some ethanol free in it since the station is pretty close. No additives have been added.
  10. DobeckTechSupport

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    11bdad - Glider's suggestion is correct to get a little fuel mileage back by turning the first 2 pots down just 0:30. Losing 4 mpg isn't real bad though for a stage 1 setup to get the torque and HP increase.

    Honestly though we will have to agree with a number of the other forum members about the quality of fuel more than likely being the culprit.

    Merry Christmas everyone.