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    You guys have always been very helpful in the past so here I go with another question or three.

    I'm looking for a security system (camera) that can be used at our home which is off the grid. It must be battery powered and a stand alone system with an SD card, kind of like a game camera. My initial thoughts were to use a game camera but after researching it looks like even the no glow infrared (IR) technology has some potential to be seen by the human eye.

    So here are the questions: 1. Is anybody familiar with a no glow IR system and does it give off a visible light to the human eye? 2. Do you know of any options out there that would fill the bill for me?

    I know this isn't HD but I also know there are some very knowledgeable people on this site! I thank you for any information you may wish to offer.

  2. hobo55

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    Menards has security cameras for less than $100. Don't know anything about them yet. Just looking into them myself. If you come across something let us know. Good luck.
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    If you look right at an IR light source, you will likely see some visible light, abeit pretty dim (needs to be dark). You will not likely see, with your eye, the area illuminated by the source.

    Rich P
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    iR cameras are really hard to detect... in pitch blcak night tho, it'll probably be easy to spot.
    Whats the point of a security camera if you're not going to keep it on a live feed?
  5. hellboy7

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    Theres other reasons.. you dont need a live feed. Sometimes you just want to know whats going on and review some footage to see what's good.