FXSTC Rear Fender Change

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  1. jackal

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    Whats the differance between a 1998 and a 2000 FXSTC frame. Im doing a rear fender swap and need to know if the fender for a 2000 fxstc will fit a 1998 fxstc.
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    One difference is the '98 was a Evo motor versus a TC88 in the 2000.In looking at Ronnie's HD parts section it was not to clear on the 2K fender but the swing arms had different part #'s. Do you have both fenders available to compare mounting & fender strut holes? That could tell you a lot or how much you need to modify.
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    2000 rear fender Part No: 59914-00
    1999 rear fender Part No: 59753-97
    The part numbers would tend to indicate that it was a new design of fender for 00 by the -00 at the end of the part number
    so for a 98 bike the fender from a 97 98 or 99 would fit fenders prior to 97 did not have the cut out at the forward part of the fender so could possibly be modified to fit

  4. jackal

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    Thanks Tourbox,
    I don't have both fenders on hand to compare. The 98 fender is the stock one off my scoot and the one I want to switch it with is custom and fits from 00 and up. And being it has to be ordered from a parts book I can't physically compare them.I think Ill just start looking for a different fender.Till next time,Jackal

    Brian,Thanks for your info. Really appreciate it. Jackal
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