FXRG "Textile" Jacket - Warm Enough?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Tmacbois, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. Tmacbois

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    Curious to know how satisfied riders are with the HD FXRG Textile Jacket. The textile version seems to fit better on me than the leather, but I am concerned about it not being warm enough. Being a new rider, I like all the protection it delivers.
  2. Dr. Dolittle

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    I have a different HD textile jacket, not the FXRG but I think it was called Tenacity, and I love it for warm weather riding. Your question is somewhat confusing - the textile jackets are designed to give you protection but still give you some airflow for riding in warm to hot weather. They are not intended to keep you warm in cool to cold weather as your question implies. With that being said, it is still quite possible to wear them as the weather cools off by adding a liner to block the airflow through the textile material or simply layering some items underneath the jacket. As you said, fit is ultimately very important in choosing a jacket. And remember, you can add stuff to make a textile jacket suitable for cooler weather but you can't take away anything from a heavy leather jacket to make it good for hot weather.
  3. Mainah

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    I bought a Tourmaster Transition II textile jacket this year as a 3 season jacket/rain jacket. I may never go back to leather. Like you I find this jacket more comfortable than a new leather jacket and it gets better each time I wear it. It was nearly as warm as my leather and had the added bonus of being waterproof plus it has vents all over for warm days.

    As usual the "Motor Company" is real proud of their jackets, I see theirs listed for $495 while I paid $189 for the Tourmaster. I love the bikes but I won't pay their prices for their clothes. :newsmile093:
  4. bwalsh22

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    I'm with Mainah on this one. I have a Joe Rocket, mesh jacket - 150, with all the armor included for the cool weather riding. Then heavy leather one, with liner I picked up form a local leather shop for less than 200, great for the slightly cool, or really cold days.

    Now that is not to say I don't love the looks of the FXRG ones, but you can get the same or better protection for a lot less. As for warmth, most warmth is with a leather with liner, the textiles are meant for the warmer weather.
  5. eleft36

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    I have both FXRG textile and H D Leather (leather made in USA, older than dirt?)

    Cold weather, the FXRG is excellent.
    Leather more for show, nostalgic.
    FXRG has a removable liner and zip open air vents.

    The H D nostalgic (orange & black) mesh Jacket is the warm weather choice for me.


  6. Eagle Rider

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    I have the FXRG Textile Jacket and use it as a year round jacket. During the summer months it lets the air flow through. In fall/spring I put in the liner and in Winter I have a Cold weather liner that I wear under the rain liner. It is the perfect jacket for me.
    Layering works best with this jacket. :s

    I had a Joe Rocket but went with the FXRG when it came out.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Textile jacket warmth has never been a real issue, as it is the lining and multi-layer trapped air pockets that really insulate the rider. Textiles typically are more porous, but the introduction of Goretex and other fine weave linings manage the water repellant, air flow pass thru quite well. :s

    The protection of Textile vs Leather is an ongoing debate, but the key to why Leather works better is the random "weave" of hide (the cells of your skin do not generally "run" or shred like fabric because the cellular level bonding, verses course weave with needle and thread). Not to worry, both are just fine for warmth, it is the protection from abrasion which is primarily what most riders "fret" about...yeah we are pretty picky aren't we? :D