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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by murf, Jan 13, 2010.

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    Will soon be getting a "92 fxrt from BF. will come with frame mount fairing, w/shield and had reg. rear shocks put on. came with air shocks and I wonder which way is best to go, reg. or air. Also any other info I should know. Lost my "06 s. glide because of economy.
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    The '92 "Sport Glide" was a cool bike IMO. It's a nice riding, handling midweight bike. I cana't tell you which shocks you should use. See how it rides, and change them if you don't like it. Early '92's had INA cam bearings that frequently failed. After 18 years, your's have been replaced or are Timkin (or the bike is low mileage). Some '92's had porous cases, but not as big of a problem as some say. Base and rocker box gaskets had a tendancy to weep. I have 65K miles on a '92 Dyna, I think it was a good year even with the mentioned problems. The Sport Glide should hold or increase it's value.