FXDSE Oil Consumption

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    I'm trying to touch base with owners of the 07/08 FXDSE.
    I have an 08 which was using oil from day one. In the first 840 miles I used nearly
    1 3/4 qts of oil. I brought the bike in and they claim they noticed the rear plug was wet
    with oil. So, they decided to replace the valve seals and at the same time do the
    campaign for the 110 engine.

    I have gotten it back and finding this after the fix...

    After riding the bike home I checked the oil and it read 7 on the stick.
    Just took the bike out today and rode 44 miles, returned and checked the oil after
    letting it sit for 20 mins and it read 6 on the stick.

    Has anyone experienced this type of oil loss?

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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    Checking oil when the bike is hot is the most accurate way of determining the level. Letting some of these bikes sit for 20 minutes will make a noticable difference in the oil level.
    Always start the bike and run it for about 10 miles or so until completely hot and before checking the oil level, let it idle upright and level first for about 2 minutes and proceed with checking the oil then.
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    If that much oil is disappearing from the tank, you either have a leak that will be putting oil all over the engine/tranny and probably the ground, or your bike is working like a mosquito fogger. Either way, you should be getting some indication of whether the oil is leaking or burning. Pull the plugs and check them for the previous symptoms. Look for oil on the engine/tranny.

    The other place it might end up is in the primary. With the bike upright, open the inspection cover if you have one, or the derby cover. If oil pours out, a bad seal may be the culprit.