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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by Slapp, Dec 27, 2008.

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    1) I have a 2008 FXD and want to know if with the stock 49mm forks is this considered a midglide front end?

    2) I want to add 3 degree to the rake by replacing the triple trees. I know I do not want a wide glide front end. My goal is to just replace the trees using the stock tubes allowing me to get just a little nicer look.

    3) Accutronix makes a set called the "Elite" I like, just unsure what to order. I am looking for a remove and replace direct bolt on set. I really do not wish too have to buy extra wheel spacers or different cable/brake lines.

    I really have this bike looking great and this is the last mod I plan on making. I just don't want to make a costly mistake. All the dealers in my area all give you the same run around about mods, so any help here would be a great.

    Thank in advance:newsmile070:
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    Haha...I've heard THAT before. (Must be his wife was watching him type!)
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    Sorry Jim, my wife was not watching me type. As a matter matter of fact her 1200 Sporty with the Screaming Eagle upgrades is more tricked out than my bike. Not as nice as my 06 Road King, but almost. My FXD is my daily rider, you know back and forth to work and such, quick run to the store. It is for this reason I have it pretty much the way I want it except the rake. I have it a little better than some with my daughter working for a motorcycle aftermarket parts giant, I get almost all my stuff through her. I have to make sure what I order is correct since it is through the factory it has a no return policy. That is why I must ask questions be sure what I need is what I order this way I am not wasting money. And, by not wasting money I can get what I need when I need it.:D
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    SLAPP, I also have been doing some research into the same modification ....I know this will make the Dyna look Dynamite....however I too am having the same reservations about what i need....have already made 1 costly mistake when putting foward controls on. If anyone has more info on attempting this conversion it would be greatly appreciated. Gary12850's reply makes alot of sense but I would need more info...I'm going to check out AME site Hobbit suggested right now .
    Thanks for the post...
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    Gary, I already lowered the rear end by about 1 1/2 inches with a set of progresive shocks so I think I am safe as far as the rake goes. What do you think?

    Hobbit, thanks I will check out AME's web site.

    Jon I just put forwards on my 08 FXD, the dealer gave me the wrong set, they gave me a set for 03-06 FXDs, hold on a sec and I will go to the garage and get the part number.....I used the HD froward control kit part #49080-03. It took me all of about 25 minutes to install this kit. It came with a special cap so you do not have to remove the old shift shaft you just cap it off. It looks and works great, and I have already clocked about 200 miles with them on the bike, would have had more but I just had back surgery on the 15th of Dec., no riding untill the end of Feb. But thats cool I will be well rested and just in time for Daytona.

    Hobbit, checked out AME's web site and they want you to change out everything fork, triple trees, brake lines the whole nine yards. I am not sure if I want to (there minimum) 9 degrees. That is why I think I only want maybe 3-5 degree with the triple trees only. The real problem comes in because of the 49mm fork tubes. Any help would be great.

    Is there anyone out there who can help a guy out? All I wish to do is change the triple trees out with between 3-5 degrees kind of stretch the bike a little. I will be forever grateful for any help with this project. I have already lowered the back end of the bike 1 1/2 inches (38.1mm) with some Progressive shocks. If anyone has done this please post some pictures let me know what you did. Remember, Imitation is the best form of flattery.

    :bigsmiley8:You all have a SAFE and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

    Hello all. I am still looking for anyone who has made mods to their front end using their 49mm fork tubes? I am wanting to add 3-5 degree rake on my 08 Dyna without have to change out everything. I am mainly looking for triple trees that will use all or at least most of the OEM parts. I do not wish to be changing out fork locks, bearing cups and and a hundred other parts to do it. Any help would be greatly appreciated as will pictures of the mod. I am trying to get it done in time for Daytona Bike Week. :D
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