fuses on a 2002 sportster

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    Hello, I am new to this forum. I have been re-building my 02' Sportster after being involved in a wreck. I had the wires to the head light and front blinkers cut to replace them. I had re-wired the blinkers and turned the key on to test them. The blinkers work now but the running lights, the high beam indacter and I am pretty sure the head light do not work now. I have looked every where for the fuse block and have not found one. Any help would be greatly appricated, thanks.

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    I seem to recall this inquiry was answered elsewhere in another post, but I'll answer it here just in case...:bigsmiley6:

    Hobbit has a post for an HD Service Bulletin regarding the fuse block.
    Sportster Fuse Block - Harley Davidson Community

    It is located under left side cover, beside the battery upper right, tucked up under the seat lip, but more or less out in the open, subject to the elements and probably has corrosion under all the fuses and relay. :bigsmiley29:

    I pulled all the 15A fuses, and relay, flushed contacts using BrakeKleen, plugged/unplugged fuse, burnish contacts under relay gently, tossed old fuses and coated all contacts with dielectric grease. :p
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