Full face helmet shakes eye glasses

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by rick1062, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. rick1062

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    When I wear my full face helmet, it seems to shake a bit, the faster I go. When it shakes it grabs the ear pieces of my Rx glasses and causes them to shake too. That is not good as then my vision is shaking. If I grab the helmet with my hand the shaking stops and my vision is fine. The helmet seems plenty tight.

    Anyone else fight something like this?

    Thanks as always,
  2. flhrrider

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    This is a wide glide with a windshield?
  3. speedyron

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    i love my contacts. i can where sunglasses again. try bending the end of the temples in just a bit or have your eye dr do it. they get flared out taking them on and off. mine adjusts them for free. even if my helmet shook my glasses wouldnt. is the helmet too tight? did this just start or is it a new windshield or new helmet? does the bike shake or is it wind buffeting?
  4. doctordoug

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    Sounds like you are a candidate for a softail or Vrod. Both are much smoother than the A engined bikes. It used to be that Harleys were known for things vibrating and falling off. I never thought about the problem affecting helmets but that's what is causing the problem.Might want to try a different windshield, possibly higher but still able to see over.
  5. horizonchaser

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    Have you considered using Croakies? You know, the tether that affixes to your frames and holds them tight against your head.
  6. Iceman24

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    Unfortunate deal for us riders w/eyeglasses & you're getting buffeting from somewhere. On my FLHX - wind was coming over & under fairing so I added HD fairing wings, fork baffle & taller shield. This helped a bunch, but I still get some vibration from my Bell FF helmet vs. others so it's also the style. Now riding w/shield down helps alot, but not good in extreme heat. I also have a few different style Rx shades & make sure the bows are tight on sides (wrap-around). Just gotta try to dial things in a bit between buffeting, eyeglass frame & helmet design. Good luck!
  7. Spade5

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    I put a detachable HD windshield on my Wideglide and everything was fine up to about 50 mph. Above that I would get so much head shake that I could not see to ride. I wear progessive glasses so the focus would rapidly go from mid to distance.

    I think the problem is from air being deflected upward by my legs due to the forward controls. I thought about adding some wind deflectors but never got around to it. I think the ones I was looking at were made by Rifle and they weren't cheap but they looked to be well made,

    I took the windshield off a couple of years ago and it has never been back on the bike. The headshake is gone and I find I enjoy the ride more.

    Some have had success with making brackets that allowed them to change the angle of the windshield. I have tried mine as high as it would go and as low as it would go but it did not change anything.
  8. Amish Hawg

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    Attached are my 1934 aviators glasses ( updated lenses for my blind butt). See the wrap around the ear? problem solved. My "modern" glasses and riding glasses all have these now. With or without a windshield, with or without a helmet........even strong Texas crosswinds dont budge them.

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