Full Face Helmet Fitting Question

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    So I'm at a local motorcycle store (supplies, not bikes, and not HD) and I'm grilling the 20 something salesman with all my questions about full face helmets. They didn't have 2 of the ones I'd read about and wanted to get a hands on look at. Finally I asked to try on what they had from several brands so I could at least determine what size I'd take.

    Threw on a Scorpion full face and thought I was going to pass out. Barely got it on my head to begin with and then felt like what little brain matter I have was being squeezed out my ears. Salesman proceeds to tell me what a perfect fit it was! My wife even commented that it looked like it was smushing all the flesh in my cheek area out the front of the helmet. Salesman then explains that it's supposed to do that so the helmet is actually anchored to your cheek BONES and not just your cheeks.

    Now I know a properly fitting helmet should not slide around with head movement but this was ridiculous. Are full face helmets supposed to fit that much snugger than a 3/4 like I'm used to?
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    No!!.I have always hated full face helmets but for racing they were mandatory.Pick one that is slightly snug,but allows you to move your jaw comfortably in it.An easy way is when you go looking for a full face helmet chew gum.If the helmet is snug but you can chew gum in it without discomfort it is the right size. Sounds dumb but it works and you will be happy with the fit.
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    i run fulll face helmet, G-MAX is the one i chose and i love it, and winter here i really love it. mines black and has a built in led lights in the back of it for saftey,i love it ,it fits
    good and i tried on them all, G-MAX fits the best , helmet was $189.00= tax came with 2 lens smoke and clear
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    Seriously,a full face helmet should be a firm initial fit.As it wears in and some of the material compresses and gives a bit,it STILL should be a firm-ish fit.
    Not tight enough to occlude your airways or cause you to faint due to poor blood circulation;but it should not flop around on your Nonce.

    I think "snug" might be the word here.

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    Full face helmet should be a snug enough that if you try and rotate it will move back to previous position. You should feel contact along the full circumference and it should not be able to "rock" forward or back...again it will move back to centered position. I wear glasses, and generally the little slot to the ear area should be enough to put them on once helmet is fitted. :)

    You will also find certain brands seem to fit better. I do like Arai (workmanship is good, padding snug)...I also like the Shoei for their fit, removable inner liner for cleaning, workmanship is almost as good. I look at everything, retention system, and ease of removing and replacing faceshield. Can you fit it with a "breath guard" so it does not cloud up when you exhale, cost and availability of spare shield & parts, etc. :small3d018:
    Sounds complicated, but again I am very picky 'bout my brain bucket...too many things not to like makes sorting out the riff raff easy...is there a decent ventilation system easy to use and effective. I have had plenty of long term experience with the ones eventually chosen, so for me only 4 selections or so are all that I would even bother to put on my head. :33:
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    Thanks, but I'm wondering if you love it or not? :lolrolling

    Hey Ron, where do you get your GMax helmets? Checked out their website and didn't see any US dealers listed. Do you just order them by phone or online?
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    For those that don't wear glasses all the time, when selecting a full face helmet, don't forget to try on your sunglasses. Some helmets will not allow them to fit your face the same. Yea, they have tinted shields for 'em but some people prefer shades to carrying and changing extra shields. Also check price and availability of repl. shields BEFORE buying, some are quite pricey, and many are discontinued quickly. Don't juat ask the 20 something sales person about them, make him show you that they have them in stock.
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    Different heads have different shapes and so do helmets. I would encourage you to visit webbikeworld.com and read their reviews on different fullface helmets.... I have a Shoei Multitec (flip up) that I us all the time. It is tough sometimes in the dog days of summer... Your helmet should be snug, but not squeezing your brains out..
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