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    I own a 2010 HD Street Bob. When I purchased it, I quickly bought a set of python slip ons. They sound decent and the bike runs great. No loss or upgrade in power.

    I was able to get a set of Samson ground pounders, with baffels, for free. After I got them, I was told that I would HAVE to upgrade the intake, add a fuel managment system and dyno tune. So I waited to install them. One day, just for giggles, I removed the baffels from the slip ons. Its is very loud and I know it will eventually damage my motor. But the bike runs fine. Once again, no gain or loss in power that I have noticed anyway.

    My question is WHY can the bike run fine without backpressure from the baffels, but if I installed the samsons with, I MUST spend over a grand in parts and labor??? I have asked several local shops and they all say "because you need it". I don't expect any gain in power, I'm just looking for great sound and a nice look. I understand that the ecm needs to compensate for the additional exiting gases, but if it does fine with straight pipes, why can't it do well with the samsons?

    Thanks for any advice or help
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    Big City Thunder - Are You Baffled?

    Click on the above site and go to the bottom of the page and click on "understanding exhausts...". It is a link to a pdf file. Great info there.
    Oh yeah, Thunder monsters do work. Used them with a set of Python ll's. They brought back the lost low and midrange power and gave the exhaust a great sound...tomp