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    I guess I posted this originally on the wrong thread. Let me try this one:

    Couple weeks ago I installed the Short Shots, FuelPak,and K & N filter. Put the codes on the website in. Ran horrible. Then I put the codes listed in the manual and it has been running fine except one minor glitch. Until it gets warmed up every so often when I pull in the clutch to shift it hesitates/almost stalls, sputters for a split second and then she is running fine. Happens a couple of times the first 30 minutes or so and then no issues the rest of the day.

    Was wondering if anybody else had encountered this or may know of a fix for this. Was thinking the modes again I put in but after she warms up bike runs awesome.

    Any thoughts?
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    I have the same set up on my Night Train and used the settings in the manual. I only noticed a hiccup when it's cold out (40 degrees) with a cold engine and I snap the throttle. Other than that, it runs like a champ!!
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    Thanks Krikket. Was beginning to think I had either screwed something up or just had a unique problem since I was getting no response.

    It is weird because it doesn't do it all the time. If I ride everyday no real issues. I let the bike sit for a day and then it happens again the next day after. But it is brief and once warmed up she is fine again.

    I guess I just got to make sure I ride it everyday and not do any work at the house:s

    Thought I would give Vance and Hines a shot at troubleshooting it. Talked to a
    Derek Hewitt on 28 April. All he had to say was:

    "What issues where you seeing with the values that where listed online?"

    Sent a response back on 28 April and then today as well. Still nothing. I guess the 24hr turn around doesn't apply the second go around. Oh well. Live and learn.

    Maybe I need a longer break in period.....:newsmile040:

    Hey...got an answer from V & H. Thought I would post for reference in case somebody else experiences this:

    Hi Bill,

    When the engine is cold it goes through a very rich cold start cycle, so some issues are normal due to this rich condition. If we tuned for the issues during the cold start cycle the bike would run to lean once it reached normal engine temperature.

    Derek Hewitt

    Technical Support
    Vance and Hines
    13861 Rosecrans Ave.
    Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
    Vance Hines: Performance Exhaust Systems
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