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    Hey all I wonder if anyone here can help me out. Im having an issue with a fuel pump on my 2008 Fat Bob, and its a long story. Up until October of 2009, my bike has always run flawlessly and has just at 9000 miles now in April. I did a tin swap due to a turnover in October. Got a different tank and of course removed my in-tank pump and fuel line to do so. After that, when I was getting her back together, fuel was spraying not from the fuel supply line fitting, but from the fitting coming to the filter shell and module in the center that holds the pump in my tank. Sputtering, misfiring, etc as a result. I reseated the outside fuel tank line at the quick disconnect, and it was running ok, but still spraying. I ran it for a month off and on, it was winter here so didnt ride much.

    In January I added some 16" apes so had to remove the tank once again. Wiring and electrical all went fine, that Ive gotten ok. Put it all back together, bad bad sputtering no matter what, fuel pump leaking at same fitting. I ordered a "new" fuel pump at this point on ebay, and the listing was it was new and had never run, and I do think the pump is ok. I installed it as it arrived without taking apart the fuel filter shell or doing any check on the filter.

    When I got all of it back together, put the gas in, got hte bike up and running and it was fine, no more sputter at all, back to its old self. However I did do a very nervous check to see if the pump was ok now also, with no leaking. This time, fuel is no longer spraying at the old fitting, but its spraying out of the entire fuel filter shell when priming and when the bike is running, but the bike has no hesitation or problem running.

    Took it out for a 100 mile ride, no problems but definitely a whining or strain sound during priming or some when the bike is idling if i listen closely.
    As well, when I pull the supply line in the tank with the pump priming, fuel runs through just fine, no leaking anywhere.

    Im trying to avoid the dealer after all this, but its the last resort. It acts like something is plugged at the end of the fuel supply line, (which is also a brand new part now from the dealer.) Like something on the outside fuel tank at the quick disconnect? Any ideas or help would be appreciated on this one.
    The bike runs, idles fine but it just sounds like the pump is under strain like this.

    thank you much sorry bout the long winded post but just covering all the bases