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    I have a 05 Ultra Classic HD converted to a trike this year. The bike has the stage two kit with race turner and 203 cams. With the Champion trike kit installed the fuel economy has not been the greatest. It's ranged from 23 to 27 MPG. (The new factory trike gets about 35.) It's not as good as when it had 2 wheels. I was about to sell the trike before I talked with the people that installed the kit. They told me to get in touch with Dobeck Performance and see if he could help. After talking with him I had the Dobeck Gen 04 installed. I have traveled just over 12K this year through multiple states with the trike kit. The fuel economy has ranged from 33 to as high as 46 MPG. Traveling has been on back roads, mountain passes, and some freeway ( as little as possible). Travel speeds ranged from 25 MPH to as high as 80 MPH. Dobeck has been a great support in the installation and taken care of problems that I have had to improve the fuel economy on this trike. Thanks for all your help.
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    Hope Redbird02 doesn't mind. This was his post in the New Member Intro section but I thought it would be worthwhile to copy it into this section for the benefit of you trike owners.
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    Did you do the installation yourself?
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    No I didn't install it myself. Mr Dobeck did all the install and made the adjustments.