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    Is there any way to tell what current fuel map your bike has short of taking it to the stealer? Here is my issue: I bought a used 07 Heritage Classic and found the cables and cd from a screaming eagle tuner in the saddle bags. I called the guy I bought it from and he said they were in there when he purchased the bike and had never seen the actual tuner itself. I'm trying to figure out if my bike was actually tuned with it or not. It was running very lean...super hot engine and snow white plugs so I installed a Doebeck Performance TFI kit which has helped with the lean issue but I'm afraid I might be doing something wrong if the bike had been tuned with the tuner. Could I damage the engine running the TFI controller IF the bike has been tuned with the SERT?
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    Is the bike throwing any codes? How do the plugs look now that you added more fuel?
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    As far as I know, without the original married tuner (dongle) itself, there is no easy way to tell what the ECM has installed in it. Even the dealership can only tell you what base map is installed and not any changes that were made to it using the tuner.

    Stacking a canned stage 1 map with a TFI won't hurt anything. If changes were made to the base map that could harm an engine (adding spark timing, disable ION sense etc), that engine damage would result regardless of adding a TFI.

    I agree, it would be nice to know exactly what the ECM now has in it. But to know that would require either finding the original married dongle or buying a new tuner and over-writing what maps are currently in the ECM.

    The dealership can only tell you if the ECM is virgin or if it has been modified. They can't tell you what individual changes were made to the installed set of maps. And the things that can be changed go way beyond just fuel maps.
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    Stage 1 download really doesn't add much fuel, but it does raise the rev limiter. If you can rev it more that 5600 rpm you have at least a stage 1 download. Maybe a dyno tune has been done, but I doubt it, if she's running hot.

    TFI will let you add the fuel you need for a cooler engine, regardless of stage 1 download. It won't hurt a thing.

    Rich P
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    Thanks for the info, that really helped me understand alot. I pulled a plug this weekend and I may have it running too rich now. Really black at the bottom of the thread and dark brown around the electrode. On the other hand, maybe thats because last time I put gas in it I forgot and put regular unleaded in it. Anyway, just filled her up with 93 octane and dialed the TFI back a bit and I'll see what happens...
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    Might want to change the plugs and back off some of that fuel, you will be losing mileage and gas fouling the plugs JMO TFI Questions Answered By Dobeck - Harley Davidson Community check here for settings for your TFI
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