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    I had harley install screaming eagle pipes and a stage one download. I put on the larger air filter
    It runs fine but it never really put the sound out I had hoped for
    I rode for a year but finally gave in a bought a set of Reinhart pipes. They sound good but perhaps a little too loud ( hard to find the middle).
    Now the hard part
    Many site blogger's say fuel management is needed even though I had a stage one, but they also maintain i dont need the dyno tune. I am on the fence.
    It cost a lot. Opinions?
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    This topic, like discussing the best oil for your scoot, will generate a lot of replies/opinions. IMO, your '10 scoot will be fine with your current set up, although the stage 1 download is still a little lean. Your highflow A/C and new pipes do let the engine breath better but you need to richen up the AFR to really wake that bike up. There is a reasonable priced product (around $100.00) that has performed well for me on my 08 FLHTC that will do this. It is called an XIED and is available from Nightrider. My bike has ran with one for the past two years and never had a problem. A link is below:

    NIGHTRIDER - Motorcycle Performance Information
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    Lots of info on this site and others about this. Here is a good starting point:

    EFI Tuner Comparisons - Harley Davidson Community

    Then just check out the reams of stuff here:

    Diagnostics and Fuel Injection Related - Harley Davidson Community


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    On my 09 FLHR, brought it home and could FEEL and Hear the Bike was TOO LEAN...

    I ordered a TFI (discounts available, CK b-4 order) went wit the stage-one..
    Installed the TFI and WOW ,,,,, the bike ran totally GREAT..

    I personally WON't do any thing with RE- map from HD as Noted IT IS STILL too lean.(.)

    The little piggy-back addition to the bike Made The World of difference.

    My choice is the above and it has made MANY on this site HAPPY with their rides...

    Plenty of information on the TFI to read here and Dobecks TFI IS Site SUPPORTED by them here on HDT (look on home page) They will answer ALL questions...

    Many other choices out there but simplicity and fully adjustable BY ME with a screw-driver a Must... IT WORKS.

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    I think the above posts will lead you in the right direction. One thing I will note is that when I first started on this board, researching the issues on Stage 1, mapping, fuel management and the richness or lean-ness of the HD engine, I got very confused. I don't know your background, but this was all brand new to me and I was never a "gear head" growing up.

    One of the biggest confusions/issues for me was the term "too lean" and what that meant.
    Was it too lean for my personal performance taste?
    Too lean as in "melt the motor too lean"?
    Or somewhere in between: like exhaust was o.k. stock but if you changed the air filter to a stage 1, the additive impact was that the motor would run so hot that bad things would quickly happen.

    Again, you will often see "Your ride, you decide" in many posts, and that still holds true. My opinion:
    1.) HD runs in a relatively lean condition (compared to older model, years gone by) to meet EPA standards. MoCo must comply.
    2.) Adding free flow exhaust and/or a higher flow air cleaner will make the motor run more lean than stock. Is a remap necessary: I say no. Will your engine melt down or decrease the life your engine: I say no, given all the other variables of maintenance, riding style and maufacturing variability.

    This was mainly (for me) based on the data from a dyno run on an all stock bike with and without pipes and an air cleaner, no re-mapping.

    I have an SE air cleaner, V&H ovals and TFI as my fueler. No remap, no dyno work. If my TFI ever fails for an electronic issue, the main reason I will get another one is that adding that little bit of "extra"fuel makes such a difference in the performance/seat of the pant feel. I am not going to run out an get on because I think my motor is going to grenade or melt the headers off the thing.

    There are many similar products and most have more bells, whistles and flexibility. To me the TFI was simple to install myself and on my 2007, I just like something I can adjust with a little screwdriver to play around a little. It was exactly what I wanted. Great bang for the buck. IMHO, you can get much more power and torque going beyond a stage 1, but it is much more expensive for the gains delivered. (the people at TFI/Dobeck are really nice to talk to and spent time with me on the phone. No matter what the product, that is always a good sign.)
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    Here is something interesting.... I have the SEPST and have a base map which I've tweaked using Smart Tune for my setup. However, if I look at the origonal map that was downloaded it covers these items: 1) SE AC and 2) race exhaust for a 2009 96" Touring.

    I'm not sure if the stage 1 download that your dealer did has a similar target AFR map, but outside of 14.6 closed loop, the open loop target AFR does richen up some. Yes, there are other items in the map which are used to come up with the end result, but just sharing as it is interesting. you can see, it looks like you run in the 14.6 closed loop mode mostly during cruiseing (well at least for me anyway).

    Ignore the cells in the 20 MAP 1750-3750 range as I richened the target afr to eliminate some decel poping.

    I have no clue what a stock map is as it could be proprietary info.

    There are other more experienced folks on here that have or will comment, I'm sure.

    I had the TFI for 2 yrs and loved it.

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    A nice new plug & play auto turner is the Revolution Performance Precision EMS. It takes auto tuning to the next level. And if you do any upgrades don't sweat it. the system will self adjust for anything up to a 20% displacement increase. Tired of that cam, go ahead and change it, no dyno tuning necessary. Want new pipes, it will adjust to that as well. Thinking about going to 107 ci. It will handle that too.

    Revolution Performance Precisionâ„¢ EMS

    YouTube - The New Revolution Performance Precisionâ„¢ EMS, part one
    YouTube - The New Revolution Performance Precisionâ„¢ EMS, part two

    I wished that this was available for my 03. They are working on it for 01-03 Delphi but its not available yet. Right now it is only available for 04-11 Big Twins.