Fuel leak?

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Captain Badass, Jun 6, 2008.

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    After filling up the bike today I noticed I was leaking something as I slowed down and came to stops. I made it home and it continued for a bit. It was comming from the left side behind the belt were there is a small hose. My buddy tells me that its a battery overflow? I swear it smelt like gasoline though. Is my mind playing tricks on me? I rode for it again and the problem stopped completely. If it was a fuel leak it would do it all the time right? Im confused, I did top my tank off so maybe thats what did it? I dont know much about motorcycles so any help is appreciated. thanks.
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    There's also a fuel overflow drain line down there as well as the battery vent line. If you overfilled the tank or even dribbled in the fuel fill area, it would come out in front of the rear tire where you saw it coming out. Just don't top the tank right up to the fill hole and you will be OK.

    It will also drain there if you fill up to the top and get the engine hot right away , it expands the fuel and it overflows.
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    Yeah what he said.Unless it continues don't worry about it.